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Each person living on this planet has developed certain needs and desires as a result of the situations he has been through in his life. While the needs of these people differ still they all have one common goal which is to fulfill their needs.

Real happiness is experienced when people manage to satisfy these needs while depression is experienced when the path that leads to the satisfaction of one of the important needs gets blocked.

An ambitious person, or a person who has a powerful need to achieve more than others, will certainly become happy if he realized his dreams while he will become depressed if he lost hope in doing that.

So what does this has to do with giving up?
The important point you should note is that you can still be happy even if you didn’t satisfy your needs provided that you believe that one day you will achieve them.

Now when you give up you send an unconscious signal to your mind telling it that this certain need will never be fulfilled and as a result it responds back with depression.

The worst way to give up…

One of the worst ways to give up is to admit that you never wanted that thing you were after! If a guy always wanted to be rich then one day he said that he won’t keep trying because money might make him unhappy then he has done the worst thing a person can ever do.

Not only this guy will feel depressed later on when he finds that he didn’t fulfill his important needs but he will also experience guilt as a result of the lie he created and lived in.

Some people give up on their important goals by claiming that they didn’t want them that badly after all but the way the mind was designed forces those people to live miserable lives until they start pursing their goals once again.

Right after a person gives up on an important dream bad moods start visiting him. As a response this person starts to look for fixes for his bad mood and this leads him to personal development where he learns about positive thinking , meditation and affirmations.

This is the point when that person goes astray and starts to search for solutions for the wrong problem and as a result he always remains feeling sad.

Even if one of those solutions worked sooner or later the person’s unconsciousness mind will send him the bad moods once again and he will have to start all over.

This person then usually visits a psychiatrist who tells him that his brain chemicals are not balanced and that he needs medication to balance them without ever bothering to help him find out what caused this imbalance

I have managed to become a self-made-money-magnet bbb. This didn’t happen by chance because i already wrote that goal down five years before i accomplished it. Becoming rich is not about luck, starting big or being intelligent but its all about having certain beliefs about money and life.


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