Bhang Your Head!

They’re getting that old time religion in northern India, as the annual Holi festival, an extravagant Hindu spring celebration of colors, is observed with potent marijuana milk shakes.

The festival, celebrated in March each year (the exact date depends on the lunar calendar), is an occasion during which men, women and children play wildly with water guns and colored powder,  according to The Observers . And the fact that”bhang thandai,”an almond-flavored milk shake blended with cannabis, is a prominent part of the celebration doesn’t hurt the festive atmosphere one bit.

The marijuana milk shakes are widely served, from exclusive private gatherings to street parties. On this particular day, using bhang is considered completely acceptable for all adults, youths to grandparents.

Cannabis is technically illegal in India, since the nation is a signatory to Harry Anslinger’s 1961 Single Convention narcotics treaty. But the substance has been a part of the country’s cultural heritage for thousands of years, and a law that’s been around less than half a century hasn’t made much of an impact. Bhang is sold for consumption through government licensed outlets.

According to popular legend, bhang drinks were offered to the gods and were particularly loved by Lord Shiva. If that’s a close enough connection for the revelers to get stoned, then it works for me, too. Praise Shiva and pass the bhang, homies!


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