Hypnotic Sex

What is it about sex that is so hypnotic that people seem to lose their bearings and gamble away all they have achieved in life, be it personal or professional?

Ofcourse …but, interesting.

Well, we have all heard stories about the richest
people being put through
financially staggering
divorces, witnessed the most powerful and famous people in the world be it sporting heroes like Tiger Woods, filmstars like Kirsten Steward, and
people with power, say, Bill Clinton all over the world fall from grace, lose the support of their fans and vote banks just because adulterous sex at that point mattered more than
anything else…

And, don’t forget our octogenerion politicians like Narayan Dutt Tiwari who found naked with eight girls; and yes, the legend Nehru who put the nation on stake for the Brit wife of Mountbatten. Do I need to mention that LoC came in existance just because of sexually starved Pandit Nehru. When he could command Indian Army to push the Pakistani invaders back from half of the Kashmir, he accepted the advice by Mountbetten …, advice, not to use Army but approach United Nation.

You see people in abject poverty, who can barely make ends meet, and
virtually live on only the love and support of their families gambling even that away with their adulterous liaisons.

I personally split adulterous individuals into two categories, needy or greedy. The greedy ones deserve what they get, be it emotional, mental, social and
financial whacking from their partners, but it is the cause of the need adulterer that needs to be addressed with empathy. I know of many that deny their partners sex.

They could be gay or lesbian people forced into “socially acceptable” marriages by their families, or impotent men, frigid women, etc. In such
situations, the partner has no option except to live with the sexual barrenness. Self-satisfy or cheat. Bottom line is that a fulfilling sex life is fundamental to a fulfilling
relationship, so if you don’t
have one and crave it, speak
to your partner about your
needs before the need for fulfilling sex gets the better of your senses.

There are always positive solutions to every
problem as long as you
acknowledge the problem
exists. Cheating is really, a wretched solution.

….shabab khan
* * *
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