THE RED PAGES: Mumbai Dance Bars

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The dancing lights on the banner indicate “BAR AND RESTAURANT…”

This one is one of the several bars in Mira road highway, Mumbai. The main feature of the bar is live band and orchestra. A small pan shop adjacent to the entry gate of the beer bar and three persons outside the entry gate ready to welcome you. Hello Sir! How Are You? as if they know you. Just as you enter you see two persons sitting on chairs gossiping, busy on phones. They look at you as if they are scanning you.

There is a toilet and a kitchen you can see before you go upstairs. The toilet has no lights but a second “KALA PANI GATE” which would lead you to dark sizzling grassy space where at night it would seem like a “JUNGLE”. It joins the road if you move left.

When you move upstairs you see a ‘KHALI’ kinda gate-man, known as ‘Bouncer’, opening an unseen unclosed door. .

High pitch music, live orchestra, naked angles pictures, mind blowing beauties and bar tenders taking you to their table, “SIR WELCOME.”

The moment you sit every bar tender comes and shake hands with you. The girls move around your table with firing eyes showing their curvious beautiful body and arouse your sex urge to the fullest. People sit there and call the girls and hang a tighty arm round their neck. They sit there and accompany customers and chat on some sick sack topic. If the girl don’t mind touching and smooching she mints money and even while she sits with the customer she is paid .The girls make s faces, dances, shows their body and makes you to fork out money. You can see around 30 of the girls and as many as 15 to 18 of the bar tenders.

The band incharge take the request of the customer and ask thye singer to sing the same number .The singer with a bag hung on the mic starts singing. As he starts the customers on enjoying the high notes of the song forks out money on the girls. Never mind if he/she sings in Opera style, ‘loud music gives covering fire.’

You would have to pay Rs. 210 for a C0Ke, 250 for Juice, 400 for a plate of Chicken Lollypop… There is no fixed menu on each table. The bar tender would just ask you “SIR WHAT WILL YOU HAVE?”

People sit there with blank faces the wine and the girls fill them up.The bar girls make around 700 hundred every day in a normal beer bar but in big beer bars girls make around 2000 everyday but they have to cut commission of the bar owners if they cross 1000 mark at the counter.

The girl would sit beside you if you offer her money. The moment you stop the money she would move to find another customer.

You can avail change of 100 to 10000 in 10 rupee note. You can offer the singer garlands of Rs 100 to 10000.The bar tender would point finger and would ask for a 10 rupees note the moment you sit with a girl and if you don’t want any disturbance you give him money whenever he wants. You can stop yourself from sitting in there if you have money. The beautiful girls,their gestures and postures makes you sit there. But these dolls are silent. They show no emotions when you touch,even when you abuse. They have become tough.

When you sit beside a girl she starts with her expressionless note “Main to dosti karne ka, pyar karne ka aur sone ka bhi paisa leti hai…”

When you leave and the doors are closed you are back to the real world.

The BAR, BEER AND BAR GIRLS are all fantasies .The girls have their bread in BARS. They have their families to support and dark interiors to survive.

I can’t blame these gals. She dances to the beats of her husband, her family,friends,relatives. She gives up her life,her dreams and cherishes the demands of this society.

Humanitarian is lost somewhere. We have all become filthy animals. We visit bars to satisfy our sex urge. We the people of India should try to curb our own evils. We should try to lift ourselves out of poverty, illiteracy,unemployment so that no other profession like “BAR GIRLS” would erupt…

Due to ban the lot of bar owners and bar girls are thrown together by the political development and there is no other choice for both but to struggle for their survival together.

These girls have different faces one which is a simple beautiful girl with her family,other one in the bars and one which is a horrible face of a ‘prostitute.’

…shabab khan

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