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Our planet is incredibly stuffed with everything to satisfy our taste buds. Nature gave us to eat, and nature gave us fire to cook. We have flowers to smell, herbs to cure ….Tea to get energized …and alcohal to go high. It is nature which force us to love and care… and to be loved… to understand, to think and decide.

A particle of sand and sky high rocky structure, the ocean, the beach, wind, sunrise …Caterpilar to butterfly. Earth spins at accurate rate …Surrounds Sun in specific number of days… so the days and nights switches to and from…

And what not.

We have things to use, and we have things to see, we have things to be glad on, we have things to Scare …And, we have things to . . . WONDER…


During a business trip to Europe, I spotted it in Athens. It was hanging alone on a giant tree, there should have another stuff like this on that tree. But mysteriously it was the only one on the tree.

Nobody knows its name. So, we have to name this fingur fruit or … (your take blogger’s brain).

…shabab khan

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A Journalist, Philanthropist; Author of 'The Magician', 'Go!', 'Brutal'. Being a passionate writer, I am into Journalism and writing columns, news stories, articles for top media house. Twitter: @khantastix
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