Higher and Higher . . .


. . . . Weird !! Maybe our attempts to touch the sky seems weird to those who dare not to take risks. We do !! We are taking risks since the day we were born to go higher and higher… We are able to make it for we, the India Inc. look ahead and not how long we have covered the horizen. We are sure our associates, partners, service providers, friends and well wishers will keep pushing us in our Indian Venture too.

. . . China is our closest rival, they have skilled manpower and excellent strategies to cut the cost and so lower price tag on all their items. Yet, I would like to ask a simple question to Indian consumers that- Do you rely on Chinese cheap products? And, above all, do you feel proud of own a chinese product? I know the answer. India Inc. is unbeatable and soon, chinese will be given a ‘No Entry’ tag. Indian economy is unstoppable and we are proud bit of that progress.

What Brand and Quality are all about. . .

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A Journalist, Philanthropist; Author of 'The Magician', 'Go!', 'Brutal'. Being a passionate writer, I am into Journalism and writing columns, news stories, articles for top media house. Twitter: @khantastix khansworld@rediffmail.com
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