Style Scientists

TopSHABAB™ Room Make Over:

Our Specilists in Customized Room Décore… came up with the Drawing Room Design recently, shown in pic below.

Team Head Stuti Singh describes that Drawing Room reflexes our mood. A dull, dim drawing room absorbs your energy, making one stale and slashes the enthusiasm.

However, a room shining in mixed natural and artificial yellow lights, a complete transparent Glass Wall, facing garden or terrace instead of opaque wall …letting you indulge with beautiful mini garden outside through transparancy of glass. It will spark ur inner self, charge you with positive energy resulting an eventual productive day.

Torquise has become USP these days, every style conscious person wants some Torquise touch. So, designer or Style-Scientists we have, got loads of Torquise, Violet Blue, Cadet Blue, Aquamarine colors to make a room of dreams.

TopSHABAB’s team of Room-Make-Over keeps exper imenting for Exclusive Designs for this team lyk Documentation Unit, Account Dept., wants GS AWARDS the “Style Scientist of the Year” which carries a cash award for Rs.1,00,000 and a 10 Days sponsered training in relevent field at companies lyk ABB, BOEING, DHL, CANTOUR, HAYAT, Seagate, CMS, Adobe etc. And, nobody wants to miss this opportunity to go abroad.

We want to know what you Thought at the instant you saw the picture. As we believe in First Thought.

Your feedback inspires us, so keep inspiring.


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