Grazia Impression


One of the most elegant leather bag for women … … …We gave an adjustable and detachable stripe in this bag to make it a shoulder bag ……. …at time just remove the chain and it will become a handbag.

Made of Softest Faux leather, and used metalic locks and zipper, multiple slots for your stuff which includes a water proof pocket to keep your important documents.

This leather shoulder/hand bag is intentionally designed to impress, and make others jealous. While carrying to your work or college you will win attention of everybody you come across as we are so careful to give it a specific no. of stitches, apply best quality adhisive and make sure its shinning look natural.

Grazia Impression has already won the confidence of most stylish celebrity in India. This one is appreciated and bought by oldest fashion designer Ritu Kumar. An iconic lady who made Aishwarya Rai, Shakira, Leon, Priyanka and so on. We are proud manufacturer of this super successful bag.


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