Undoing Modi-fication

A goon killer like Modi who should have been hanged to death is now dreaming to become next Prime Minister of India. Its not only unfortunate but also fill mind and soul with extreme hatred. If it happens, India will be most unfortunate nation, as one more riot will push our country by 10 year.

Badly charred bodies of riot’s victims. Among them, a kid’s body is laying down, a wire can be seen around kid’s neck, he was first strangulated then burnt by goons of PM in-row. Do you still want to go for Modi? If yes, move down

GUJARAT 2002, Why Modi is a
free of any charge?

It was all done by Narendra Modi.

One of the muslim youth is caught by saffron clad modi’s goon. Abusing the guy lyk he is the responsible of what happened in Godhra. Next moment the guy has been lynched.


Undoing Modi-fication.


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