Made in India

We are a group determined to beat chinese, in global business dias. We started in 2000 with little assets, two employees to help. But honest willingness makes differnce …and next year we will touch 100 crores marks.

We have built our reputation among buyers that we don’t ever compromise on quality. Low quality comes at lower price. We are different and we have other way to slash our price for you to keep your faith in GS EXPORT LTD. and TopSHABAB RETAILS.

In global market, we know what a consumer thinks when he picked a product having tagged with more 10% than china made product’s price. We have monopoly, that whatever the circumstances are, we shall not let our QA / QC criteria taken over in anyway.

Thats why we were able to survive in worst slowdown in 2008, we even register 8% growth during recession, which proves our buyers, too don’t want us to give up at Quality issue.

Made in India.


About Shabab Khan

A Journalist, Philanthropist; Author of 'The Magician', 'Go!', 'Brutal'. Being a passionate writer, I am into Journalism and writing columns, news stories, articles for top media house. Twitter: @khantastix
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