SPEED (A Short Story)

“Dheere..! Slow down!”, Su pleaded.

‘What?’, teased Raj.

‘Please slow down, we are not on a racing track, are we?’ Su snapped.

‘I am a born racer, no matter where I am. Every road is a kindda racing track for a racer like me.’, boasted Raj.

And Raj gave a little more acceleration to his new imported bike which was presented by his father on his 21st birthday.

Su and Raj were friends for decades. . . as they would tell their common friends. It was Suhana… Su, was the shortcut key Raj invented for Suhana, and she liked it. Su, a perfect persona. Well mannered and deciplined as she was the only daughter of IAF’s Wing Commander Sher Singh.< who would love Raj, yet she never tried to express… knowing how irresponsible and careless the Raj was.

Raj, only son of one of the top ten industrialists in India had a passion of Power Bikes and speed, he would always give Su horrible rides, but today there was no limit, the Power-bike was flying like Sukhoi Super Sonic fighter jet on the expressway.

100..120…130.. and on and on… the speed… raftar…was an adventure game for Raj while Su was just a miserable mock witness of what Raj did for she loved this guy who never bothered his brain to understand Su.

However, Su was quite sure that sooner or later Raj would understand her feelings as she knew Raj was very fond of her… but, that fondness was not love.

Su was a prettiest book-worm and a mobile encyclopedia… she seems to have had answers of all questions, on the other hand Raj had nothing in his brain other than suspensions, exhaust pipes, automatic gears and hybrid oils. The difference between both of them was more than what Gandhi and Hitlor or Indira and Mother Theresa had as their colleagues would say. Yet, there was an invisible divine cord between them, tied both of them together. . .not to let them get separated.

The expressway was leading to a hilly region and soon scary steeps and unpredictable curves and dark damp tunnels were about to begin. . . the way ahead was the challenge to drivers. . . and most of the drivers won’t dare to cross the speed limit of 30…40 Kmph.

But, Raj was not an ordinary rider…

The bike was now on a 120 degree slope, rolling downward, the amazing power of engine and gravity gave bike a 145 kmph mark.The dry wind, hitting Su’s face was ruthless enough to make her almost breathless.

‘Raj. . .’, she cried.

Raj gave no answer as he was pre-occupied with his obsession… the Speed.

She tried again, “Raj, now please stop”.

Again… Raj gave no reply.

She was getting terribly sick.. “Raj, will u plz stop?”, still silence.

The bike was zooming ahead toward a hallow in a giant mountain, the tunnel was getting closer and closer. It was the time when Su grabbed the Raj’s shoulders.

‘RAJ…’, she yelled hysteriacally.

‘AW. . .Yes’, said the Raj.

‘Please, now stop… I can’t even breathe…’

‘Aw…Why’, he was speaking as though he was in sleep.

‘Wind. . .’, Su was unable to speak.

‘O wind.. !!” No problem baby… Wear this’, said Raj, removed his helmet and gave it to Su.

Suddenly, Su found herself in deep darkness. . . ahead of bike was beam of headlight which Raj had switched on… She looked behind her shoulder, and she found nothing but deep black darkness of grave. And, she wore the Raj’s helmet instinctly as though death was chasing their bike and she wants to hide herself inside the tiny helmet.

The speed of bike was still 100 or something. . . ‘My God, how stupidis he… He didn’t let the bike slow even in this tunnel…’, thought Su. ‘Its me… who loved this careless man… and he, despite knowing her fear, didn’t bother to slow down…why should he? He’s not in love… he loves speed and thats what is he enjoying.’ She closed her eyes, she felt better inside the cage of helmet.

She felt a mild jerk and opened her eyes. . . But, closed again at once, feeling direct sun rays penetrating through glass of helmet. They were out of tunnel in bright sunlight. She looked ahead.

Somehow, the long endless black tar road had turned into the velvet green persian carpet over which they were running.

She tried to open her mouth, but she felt a piece of flesh stuck into her throat. . . Horrified, PanicStriken she tried again to yell at Raj to tell him that-
they have off road in a large field of grass. But, the shock was too over powering that she couldn’t tell the rider. . .her rider that. . . a bottomless gorge at the verge of Green land is not so far away now.

A giant tree was approching toward bike. . . its rough black-brown trunk was on its way at the same speed the bike was running at. . . !!

And, that was it. . . with a sound of thud she went into the lap of deep darkness.

‘Get up, open ur eyes,’ so she was in hell, she thought, and she was being waken up to pay for her sins.

Slowly, she opened her eyes…before her was a beared man. . . ‘So, he is appointed by God to torture her.’ thought Su.

‘How are u feeling now?’, he enquired.

Suddenly, she recovered from shock, opened her eyes and she remembered what had happened. They were rammed into a tree.

‘Where is Raj?’ she yelled, and looked around. She was surrounded by some 10-12 villagers …men, women, children.

‘He is dead’, telling the beared man. ‘He was alive when we reached at the spot to rescue, but he was bleeding heavily thru his head, he asked me to save you first, and requested me to tell u that. . .’

‘What?’ Su cried.

‘That, the brakes of bike had failed when we were about to enter into the hilly region.’

Beared man was speaking but Su had lost interest in listening.

Brakes had failed …!!!

So, thats why he behaved strangely when she was yelling to stop. He was in great dilemma.

So, thats why he was not slowing down.

So, thats why he gave her helmet . . .to save her.

An irresponsible and careless biker did it all on his 21st birthday.

…shabab khan
* * *

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  2. Thanks for ur comment, it meant a lot to me.


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