Years ago bringing myself down from four packs of cigarettes, having twenty pieces of Classic Regular in a day to one was proving impossible. I would hate doing the work in office without having a cigarette between my fingures. I would feel mind-jam if I ever have had work with no smoke around me.

Annoyed with myself, one day I decided to go the whole hog and stop intake of nicotine completely for two days. After those couple of nicotineless days,when I allowed myself a five pieces of cigarette in a day, it tasted like heaven. And I stuck to it happily.

Later, I tried the same technique with several other situations and found it an amazing weaning technique that minimizes the pain of separation from something you are addicted to.

Now, that addiction could be a person, a habit, a routine you wish to break or eating habits, Sleeping pills, Fast Driving, Hitting a person arguing on some silly points or …in current scenario, your addiction of some strange sex orientation, last but not the least, that is to have bed tea, after-meal tea, or tea and cigarettes simultenously.

Think about it. If u normally take about eight cups of tea/coffee a day and set yourself the target of reducting your intake to three, it’s difficult if your point of comparison is the comfort you get from your daily eight. However, give yourself two days of no coffee at all and the third day with three will seem better than those two days of none! Now u are looking at the comfort the three cups are giving u compared to the discomfort of none at all ! So, the point of comparison has shifted.

For everything that gives us comfort and pleasure, obviously shifting from a lot to a little would be tougher than shifting fron none to a few. So, if for a while we simulate a situation that denies us the stimulant completely, that shift changes perspective.

…shabab khan

(Author writes Finance Journal The Fund, Hedge, Export Credit Gaurantee Corp., and others)
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