Chasing Mental Ghosts

Ever thought? Why is it that fear and anger come so naturally and effortlessly to most of us, while kindness and joy seems to require training and practice…?

Human biology probably holds the secrets. It is true that biologically life is designed primarily for survival. The amy- gdala in the lower brain is the seat of fear, it is responsible for the fight or fight response. You find this part of brain function in all creatures, ranging from alligators to humans.

Alligators or humans are no different in their instinct to fight or flee. However, what differentiates the human race from rest of the life forms on earth is the well-developed frontal cortex. The frontal cortex is the latest in the on going development process of evolution. It has been observed that the left frontal cortex is the seat of higher faculties like Awareness, Choice, Love, Kindness, Altruism and Joy.

Driven by millions of years of habit, we humans easily access fear and voilence while superior aspect of ourselves requires nuturing, since that part of our brain is only a few thousand years old.

We know fear takes away reasons. It makes us withdraw or retaliate. Withdrawal or retaliation are both acts of violance, either against oneself or another, leading us to inferior destinies. How does fear takes root in consciousness? Fear is born primarily of painful past experiences.

Awareness is the light, that can dispel the ghosts of fear from the human mind. Ready Made perfect people are few and far in between. Most people have hurt or damaged by Life. . . .

…shabab khan
Dr. Manu Seth (Anthropologist)

February 3, 2011 at 3:13pm

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