Self Defence: Islamic Views & IPC

  What is self-defense?

  What does Islam say about killing a person in self-defence? The act of killing a person and ending his/her life is the task of the judiciary.

    No one can kill a person or end one’s life claiming that s/he deserves death, judging by his/her own criteria and opinion. If s/he does, s/he becomes a murderer and deserves the punishment for that murder. S/he is treated as a murderer both in the world and in the Hereafter. S/he undertakes the sins of the person s/he killed and compensates for it by going through severe punishment.

    However, there are some obligatory situations, in which resisting comes under law due to obligation and killer can be freed of all charges and he would be set free.

   Let me list some of those exceptional situations:

1- If one takes action to kill another and the other person cannot escape though he has tried every possible way and eventually has to kill the aggressor; neither retribution nor blood money is necessarily imposed.

This is because the murdered person took the first action to kill the other and there was no other option which could dissuade him from killing; and here the obligation of self-defense emerged.
However, if it was possible to send the offender away by shouting and calling people around for help and the person killed the aggressor without trying this option, it is not self-defense but murder.
2- If an armed conflict occurred at a store for a man who entered his store or ( house or a shop) where owner kept his possessions, and the burgler with the purpose of burglary broken in with a weapon and the owner killed the burglar who wanted to rob the valueable possessions, it would be categorized in “Defending Action” in a bid to save his Money, Assets, or resources. This right has been given to all who follow the Islam… or staying in Islamic State like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Behrain, Iran, Somaliya and other islamic states. The owner of the property who killed the burglar is not considered a murderer; he is regarded to have made a lawful defense of property. It requires neither retribution nor blood money. The burglar shed his blood for nothing.

3- If a woman resists someone who tends to rape her, and when it becomes a question of her dignity. It happens in her house or subway or running bus, train or somewhere else …the woman is all free to use anything as weapon, it could either be a blunt object or sharp edge sword or a gun as a weapon to kill the molester, in an attempt to protect her dignity and self respect. It does not require retribution or blood money as defending one’s dignity is a lawful defense.This is because she had no other choice than killing the molester in order to defend her dignity.

 In conclusion, it is an undisputable right to everyone to defend their life, property and dignity. If one kills the attacker while defending those, s/he is not murderer and if s/he is killed by the attacker, s/he is considered a martyr.

   Indian Penal Code
  This is what IPC says, “if one has no way to escape; if he knows the predator shall kill him, then Indian citizen can use his licensed .32 bore revolver having six bullets in six chambers and need to be fired by pulling its trigger again and again …one by one until you need to refill its chambers, but not before removing empty cartridges as this toy type weapon doesn’t have auto ejection of fired bullets’ cartridges. Indian law does not allow its citizens to keep a high calibre gun like .22mm, .9mm, .357, .38mm bore.

   We can have .32 bore pistol or revolver… While govt. permits
guns having some high velocity like 12 bored single/double barrel handgun, .315 bored and .303 bored shotguns.

In India, if robbers did their job, taking away all your valuable assets, even if you understand that this robbery will make you begger, and you would have to go for suicide, still you are not legally allowed to stop them by shooting their heads, as our constitution gives priority to life over property, whether it’s life of Gandhi or Afzal. Its also a bizzare that a woman who is being raped can not shoot the offender. Disgusting !!

While USA, UK, Australia allow one to shoot, even for stuff worth 10 bucks. HOLA !!!

…shabab khan
^Blood Money: is a kind of financial penalty …murderer may pay (usually huge sum e.g.
500 thousand Riyal (in Saudi Arabia) or (Dirham in UAE) to the nearest relative of murdered man/woman, if that relative of victim shows willingness to accept the said money… In that case murderer is not awarded death sentence, he would have to spend a year in prison. Blood Money is justified, only when both parties accept the deed. Otherwise convicted man is beheaded in a public place. This is a way to compensate victim’s family.
~(Holy AL QURAN)


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