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Shiv Sena Spat on Apex Court Verdict

Two days after the Supreme Court lifted Maharashtra Government’s self-imposed ban on Mumbai running of dance bars, the Shiv Sena on Thursday made stinging remarks against Apex Court’s order and slammed the judgement in its editorial.

In its editorial mouth piece Saamna, the Shiv Sena on Thursday raised the question – Are judiciary ruling the nation?

Courts don’t allow Government to function. As a result the administration becomes lax. If courts are going to interfere in all walks then let judges get elected from among the people. This is the only way,an editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamana said.

Who exactly governs the country is a question we are asking. The practice of forcing a decision taken by the Government to be thrown into dustbinis now rampant, the Sena fired.

The Maharashtra Government had banned bar dancers in 2005 calling them obscene and a breeding ground for criminals in a decision that saw a rare unity between Congress and the Opposition Shiv Sena.

The mouth piece wondered if these moves are aimed to sell Mumbai as nightlife hotspots?

How worried are these Sena Guys. If Mumbai is tagged Night Life hotspot, if Mumbai becomes like Las Vegas or Shanghai …Then whats the problem with them… ?

Earlier on July 16, a bench comprising of Chief Justice Altamas Kabir and Justice SS Nijjar upheld the Bombay High Court verdict quashing the State Government’s order on banning bar dancers in Mumbai.

The Maharashtra Government had in 2005 brought in an amendment in the Bombay Police Act which was challenged in the High Court by an association representing restaurants and bars.

The High Court in 2006 had quashed the Government’s decision. The State Government had moved the Apex Court against the High Court’s order that same year.

The Supreme Court while admitting the Government’s plea had stayed the High Court’s verdict.

Well, Thakreys must understand that Apex court ensures that being a republic state India’s democracy to stand intact, and no rights of its citizen is suppressed. Maybe tiger… Oops, Yawning tiger has nothing to use as a punching bag. Law and Order was never at risk due to these little girls who dance to run families. Crime in Mumbai …is not going to stop, govt. must make their force advance. And please, do something constructive. Girls, who were in prostitution due to sudden closure of mumbai dance bars can now come back to earn with dignity.

By drawing a yawning tiger on a saffron Dhoti …and keep shouting all the time does not run a country, it needs dedication and devotion, as big bro- Supreme court is watching all the time.

…shabab khan

Disclaimer: Yawning Tiger has been inserted in article, on author’s imagination which symbolises Aggressive energy without use, a wastage. And is not connected to a party’s emblem..