MY Wife is different, perhaps !!

Beautiful World Beautiful People

… Like GOD and whole world you

are also going to know that women are just fathomless. They simply can not be understood, sometime I wonder whether they understand themselves or not.

… My wife is prettiest than the

wives of my business associates, foreign buyers’, wives of hundred-fifty-three members of Cawnpore Club where I spend ten or twelve evenings in a month. She has instinctive sense of style, color combination, simple or glamourous she knows well what to wear on which occasions. And O’My goodness, she makes the men jealous of me and I feel some kind of embarrassing pride, as no man want his wife to be stared at.

… But I can’t help, her dressing style is appreciated, her hair style is imitated, the way she walks, talks; her face expression, body language and extremely sensual smile always make her wonderful center of attraction.

… She is, ofcourse different, not

conservative to ask why did I get back to home four hours late? Moreover she loves my company, she loves my humour, she not only speaks logically but she listens to me too. Her expertise in love-making allows me to understand the complex chemistry of man and woman.

Still, I can’t claim to have her

fully understood. She keeps telling me,

“You know, today you sent me a “Friend Request” on facebook Six Years back. And. . . I rejected it.”,

she giggles. Before I could overcome, she throws out next.

. . .

“We kissed for the first time for 17 minutes duration.

And I will never forget.”

… “Today, we made Love, and,

you were so tough and rough.”

… She makes me realize how important and precious all those days are, that she keeps refreshing it. I’m living a married life friends say is inspiring others to go for a divine-partnership.

Despite all those things she has some common factor. She is unpredictable, worst at early morning in terms of looks and mood. She presses Snooze button at 6:30 to 7:15 every five minutes. As well as she makes me free from the clutch of her arms and legs. And pushes me away to my side of bed.

Before marriage she has been my girl friend for three long years. People who know me, do know that I take no time to decide but in marriage I couldn’t decide instantly, yes ! I took 3 years.

Today, she told me something that made me jump out of skin. On the one hand she keeps re freshing the moments she spent with me …on the other hand she gave away her wedding dress for 10,000 Rs. Because a website commercially engaged in Buying/Selling of Used Bridal Wear. It can be a beautiful Gown, a Christian girl attires in her wedding. A heavy bridal Banarasi Sari in case of Hindu girl, or a beautifully embriodard with look-a-like golden or silver threads and rich zari work on maroon, pink or Red Lehnga-Choli if the bride is Muslim.

MY Wife doesn’t know that how that her husband really worked hard to get a customised Sharara Choli having rich and real gold embriodaried all over has been designed by celebrity designer, and after several trials I okeyed one for that wonderful girl who gave her wedding dress to website, dress which costs me two hundred seventy five thousand. I sent her traditionally to wear on wedding day. It was hurting, something where emotions are involved can not be sold. It was not ten thousand for which she sold it, her credit card allows her to spend 75 thousand in a month, and she cross the limit within 25 days.

… An unsolved mystery made her do this which is impossible to understand.

… A majority of people think including me that women keep their wedding dress nicely wrapped up in a box and that only a few sell it off.

… A study reveals just the opposite.

… Wedding dress resale web site surveyed 2,766 women aged between 18 and 55. According to the findings, 87 per cent of the respondents said they would “definitely” or “maybe” sell their dress they wore in her marriage.

… One in three of the women surveyed said they’d give up their dress because they want another bride to enjoy it.

… I just loved this generousity, as my evil brain told me, “they will, perhaps, give away their husbands to other woman for a month.” And, all the blood of whole body rushed towards a certain point of male body and when it happens, no woman can resist the temptation.

Rest Later.

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