Dividing to Rule . . . !!

India may have 50 states if all demands of New States conceded. . .
Uttar Pradesh
UP East
Madhya Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Tulu Nadu
Kullo Nadu
Tamil Nadu

Dividing in States for all they want to have an area to rule on …where they dominate. They want separate funds to be alloted, in order to use it on their benefits.

. . . . India may have at least 50 states in future if demands for new states are to be conceded as the Home Ministry has received representations for creation of more than 20 states.

The demands for separate states have come from across the country — for


in Manipur to


in Tamil Nadu, for Kamatapur in North Bengal to Tulu Nadu in Karnataka.

However, except Uttar Pradesh, which during the Mayawati- led BSP government proposed to create four states dividing the country’s most populous state, no state government had given any re commen dation for carving out a new state. But the demands continue to pour in.

The demands for creation of separate states were received by the Home Ministry through represent- ations from various organisations or individuals over the years.

The demands for separate states are: In Uttar Pradesh, there have been demands for:
~Awadh Pradesh, ~Poorvanchal
~Bundelkhand and ~Pachimanchal
~Harit Pradesh.

There is also demand for creation of a Braj Pradesh, consisting of Agra division and Aligarh division of Uttar Pradesh and districts of Bharatpur and Gwalior from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

A demand for creation of Bhojpur comprising areas of eastern UP, Bihar and Chhattisgarh has also been received by the Home Ministry.

There has been an old demand for creation of a separate Vidarbha by curving out the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

The most vocal demands for separate states came from Gorkhaland, by curving out Darjeeling and its adjoining areas in West Bengal.

Demands for Bodoland, comprising Bodo dominated areas in Western Assam, and a separate state of Karbi Anglong, comprising the Karbi tribals living areas under Karbi Anglong autonomous district in Assam, have also been pending with the Centre.

There is a demand for Mithil-anchal comprising Maithili speaking regions of Bihar and Jharkhand.

The Centre has received demand for creation of Saurashtra by curving that region out of Gujarat. The Dimasa people of Northeast have been demanding a separate state called Dimaraji or Dimaland comprising the Dimasa inhabited areas of Assam and Nagaland.

There is a demand for creation of Kongu Nadu comprising parts of southwest of Tamil Nadu, southeast of Karnataka and east of Kerala.

Demand for creating a Coorg state, comprising the Coorg region of Karnataka.

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