Freedom for Choices !!

Most choices are non-choices or between trivia
Come Independence Day, there are always heated debates and discussions on the state of our freedom. However, the freedom I personally want is not that of more choices, but the one from choices.

Born Free
One did not have any choice about the country, religion, caste or economic background one is born into, karma theory aside. Nor is there any selection possible on skin colour, features, height or hair. Not even can I prefer being a male or choose to be a female. And one grows up in a home with parents and siblings pre-selected.

One is spoon fed food and values and sent to school to learn things that are deemed worthy by a Board of education. Pretty much, the formative years are spent choice-less. One wonders whether this is the reason forchildhood being the happiest time of one’s life! Yet, the fact is that one craves freedom.

Hobson’s Choice

Unfortunately though, the freedom we crave, revere and fight for, involves choosing between non-choices or for trivia. Should I buy a toothbrush bent 45 degrees or one with double coloured bristles or one with a differently shaped head? How about a neem stick?

In other cases, the choice is better termed as a dilemma. Should I bribe the employees at the local electricity office or pay the electrician who will manage the bribing part? This is rather amplified, come elections. Most choices are between the devil and the deep sea or between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Should I vote for the candidate who a massed Rs 100 crore in his last term or the one with 15 criminal cases?

Voter apathy is understandable and one certainly wants freedom from these choices. After all, if all roads lead to discontent, I cannot be happy about the freedom to choose my route to it. Rather, I want to be untangled from bondage masquerading as choices. I maythen have a chance to understand the depth of my slavery and look towards true freedom.

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2 Responses to Freedom for Choices !!

  1. matheikal says:

    There was a donkey once who decided to exercise his freedom of choice. He could choose between the hay on his right or that on his left. When he turned right, he said to himself, “Why not exercise the freedom to choose what’s on the left?” And when he turned left, he decided to exercise his freedom again. He exercised his freedom so much that he died of starvation!


  2. Abhra says:

    I agree to your views but I think that you should give a second thought on the template of your blog – this is very difficult to read.


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