I Hate You !!

Online bullies or haters or saddists or some kinda physcoes are supposed to be extremely damaging.

I know, I know. . . online haters and cyber bullies stink. But the reality is that they do exist and can become extremely troublesome, not to mention damaging, to your business and your online reputation, which is as important as your real social life.

Many businesses, business owners, bloggers, etc. have encountered this some where along the line in the form of negative posts, comments, tweets, reviews, etc. If you haven’t, you’re one of the luckyones. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared for it. Because, as I stated above, the reality is that these people exist – online haters. And they tend to share their observations, experiences and opinions across online channels with an increased amount of force and vengeance.

There is something about human nature that makes it incredibly difficult for mankind to remain positive, yet extremely easy to become negative. Innovative thinkers, unique individuals and those experiencing success have long been on the receiving end of negativity from others.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”~ Albert Einstein

It’s simply a fact of life. Now for the big question. . .how can you effectively deal with online haters when they appear?

Do you:

  • Confront them?
  • Attempt to appease them?
  • Engage them in battle?
  • Report them?
  • Block them?
  • Reason with them?
  • Censor them?
  • Negotiate with them?
  • Simply ignore them?
  • Or go through a series of the above before ultimately determining what to do?

The Indian Young Entrepreneur Council addressed this very issue in a piece on Business on Main titled, “9 Ways to Approach AnonymousHaters Online” and those they polled weighed in:

I usually ignore them, or people who are a part of my community of success are happy to stand up for me. My posting strategy is to ignore them completely. The higher you climb the flagpole, the more your butt is going to hang out. So enjoy the climb.

People love to hate on other people who make uncommon decisions. It comes with the territory that if you’re going to choose to do something with your life that is risky and amazing that some people are going to try to demotivate you. The best way to approach these types of criticisms is to accept it with a positive attitude or avoid responding altogether.

We’re, at GS Export Limited and TopSHABAB interested in what YOU, our community, has to say about the matter and we’d like to gather your tips and advice. If you’ve ever experienced this, share with us how you handled it and what the outcome was – what worked for you? And if you haven’t, tell us, what would you do?

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