A Strong Stand

Death sentence for rapists: India takes a strong stand for women safety worldwide say most of the foreign media and Tourism Giants…
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The much awaited verdict of the death sentence for all four rapists involved in the December 16 Delhi gang rape case has reassured many that the Indian justice stands strongly against any brutality towards women.

The gang rape, of the most violent nature by six men, who lured a girl with her male friend into a bus and viciously raped her and threw her out of the bus in a most inhumane state bring tears to the eyes. She later succumbed to her injuries and did not live to see her offenders getting an apt punishment for their unforgivable crime.

The justice department indeed took the right step and this only consolidates the nation’s faith to the Indian Justice. No one can get away with rape. It only confirms our belief that women will find justice here. We hope that firm steps like these will be taken seriously by people who harbour disrespectful thoughts for women in India and will definitely create a greater awakening among people.

This verdict will definitely have a positive effect of Indian tourism and tourists can fearlessly visit India as justice will stand by them.

The Minister of State for Tourism for India, K. Chiranjeevi had said in a recent statement that his ministry has launched a sensitization campaign called “ I respect women” which is about according due respect to women.

Chiranjeevi informed about the Government of India’s efforts in ensuring safety of women tourists in India. The justice department has shown to the world how India treats people who dishonour the modesty of women. 614.4 million Indian women feel safer today in India.

And, I personally believe that the teen NRI from United States who tweeted “Don’t make me feel disgusting in saying I am proud to be an Indian after Mumbai’s gangrape. I would say “we hang those who don’t take a woman’s dignity seriously.” By the way, recent studies say US’s Okhlahoma is top on the rapists states list. Now, you have reasons to say …I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN… !!

…shabab Khan
(author is in foreign trade)

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