Fiction: The Magician

FICTION/WP/009/2010/Shabab Khan

The baby was delivered.

This was always the instant glory, the miracle of a newly created life, red~faced and bawling.

But not this baby.

This baby was blue-white and dead-still. No pulse. No heart beat.

She was a female infant. ‘O’ No. . .!’ Dr. Anjali place baby flat on its back.

‘Laryngoscope,’ Dr.
was yelling, and her voice was shivering.The maternity handed her a small size equipment conne-cting with electric function apparature. Dr. Anjali nodded, and the nurse clicked a switch.

The rhythmic sucking sound of life saving machine was beating the heads of staff available in Maternity Room. Nurse Sapna, who had joined duty only a couple of days back, felt sudden rise in temperature. She wanted to depart at the earliest.

The device was in action. Dr. Anjali looked up at the Wall Clock.

“We have 90 seconds to
recovered.” More than a minute
passed. Nothing happened. No beats …no pulse.

Twenty seconds left to go… beats negative.

Fifteen… Fourteen. Beats negative.

Ten seconds. And no pulse, not even a thread of life to give hope.

Five seconds.

She made a decision then, and hoped that God will understand and forgive, that baby could not be saved. She was going to pull the plug out of socket…

Three Seconds.

She looked down at the infant and she wanted to cry. She was a pretty baby girl.

She would have grown up to be
beautiful women. Would been rich or poor? Happy or

One Second. Negative heart beats.


. . . Dr. Anjali felt her eyes wet. Her hand reached toward the power plug. . . and at that instant the heart began to beat. It was tentative, irregular spasm then another and then it down to a strong, regular heart beats.

There was a spontaneous cheer in the room and cries of congratulations.

Dr. Anjali was not listening. She was staring up at the clock on the wall.

Juhi had born.

Dr. Anjali insisted that Juhi brought back to the hospital for an examination every six months.
The conclusions each time was
the same: She ‘seemed’ alright.

Five years later.
Dr. Anjali, who had delivered Juhi gave her one last thorough examination. She could find nothing wrong with her.

Yet, Dr. Anjali was uneasy. She could not forget the clock on the wall.

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