In this throat-cut competition, everybody wants to beat you, as well as you, too, want to leave the world behind . . . Never mind, you need to do so like your closest competitor is doing, like we are doing. Infact we are carrying the growth of our motherland on our shoulders. You are contributing your best to your nation, family and organisation. You never want to even imagine that one fateful day when you attempt to board in Fast Local or Metro, you stumble upon something and, worst you drop your laptop.

Two hours later, you got a heart breaking news from your Service Engineer that he, somehow, switched your laptop on, but he could not save your hardrive. This hard disk crash may cancel your long awaited promotion. A little carelessness and you fell in a mess as you have all the data of your project in hard disk, and like me, you never got time to go for tiresome process of making backup.

TopSTRONG SAG09 Printed
Leather/H3 Promo: 4550.00 INR

Of course, you can afford new laptop, yet the data you lost was invalueable. So, next morning when you awake, recovered from nightmare, just visit us.

At TopSHABAB Retail Stores, we have solution for this problem. Our R&D guys came up with a laptop case, made of hard leather. The same leather you see in saddlary, people fit it on a horse back to sit over.

   Interior of the bag is made of hard leather, and the upper case is of delicately soft leather, inbetween we have filled with special fibre, which absorbs all the shock waves coming from outside world. The flexible fibre, and mirco airballs works like it does in bullet proof jackets.

   Now you can be careless, a RTC-Powered GPS Device has been fitted in some models, which sends you location of your bag in form of google map on your smart phone.

   Anything else?

   O’yes! Some of these models have hundred of Solar Cells. Just plug your laptop in a socket we install inside the bag, and your bag will charge your laptop battery, mobile etc. on the go.

   What else, these bags are in hundred of cool, hot, vivid designs and for professionals it is in stylish Black with Red Linings, Black with two Torquise finger marks. And of course, in simple rich black.

Now, go ahead and beat the world, and keep your nation on top.

TopRIN/717/DLAP/INR 3500.00








Remember! We are Indian First; Hindu, Muslim later.

…shabab Khan
(author is in foreign trade)

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