INDIA: Defensive Nuclear Power

India’s Nuclear Weapons: An Analysis !!

Nuke tested in pokhran

Under Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, India’s first nuclear test in1974 was called Operation Smiling Buddha-Peaceful Nuclear Explosion test carried out for civilian purpose.

By 1998, second nuclear test was conducted under Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee which aimed to serve military purpose. This article takes a look at the reasons for India’s nuclear weapons and the steps needed to be taken to live up to its no first use policy.

Rationale behind India’s nuclear weapons:

Nuke ExplosionNuke Explosion from Space

Use of weapons of mass destruction is not new to India. The Vedic age had witnessed the development of weapons of mass destruction like the Pashupatstra and Brahmastra. In fact the Pashupatstra was so destructive weapon that Lord Rama & Lakshman were barred from using it.

Post Vedic period, Kautlilya had stated that every nation desires to maximize its power and hence, moral principles are not of much concern to the states. He also stated that agreements on peace issues could only be achieved amongst equal and superior kings while the inferior one could be attacked.

National security is of paramount precedence for any state. In realism and neo realism paradigm, state is the referent object and it has to be protected at any cost. Structural anarchy or the absence of a government gives rise to security dilemma.

Existential threat is one of the important reasons why states generally develop nuclear weapons. South Africa developed nuclear weapons and used them as deterrence against both Soviets and the USA till the Cold War. Post 1991, South Africa with reduction of external threat had destroyed its nuclear weapons arsenal. Thus, as long as there is threat, states would try to secure themselves given that states exist in an anarchical world and there is a persistent existence of security dilemma.

China’s nuclear weapon development in 1970s made it mandatory for New Delhi to acquire the same. Thus, the domino theory was revealed in the region and Pakistan too followed the suit.
Nuke explosion from spaceNuke Explosion from Outer Space
Today Pakistan is developing sophisticated nuclear weapons and enhancing its arsenal leaving no other option for India but to join the arms race.
AGNI 5 LONG RANGEAGNI 5: Inter continental most successful Missile.

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  1. Julia Richard says:

    Yes, India has been from the development of its first nuclear explosion test has proved to be the real igniter of arms race in the South Asia region. Pakistan in response to India’s second nuclear test responded by showing off its nuclear capability thus followed the suit which India maintained. Pakistan is not involved in any arms race but the negative intentions of India’s nuclear ambitions provoking the Asian states to mingle themselves in arms race with India.


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