India’s Nukes: Why Not First Use Policy ?

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SukhoiSUKHOI FIGHTER: can fire Nag, BrahMOS
Why Not Strike First? Are we, the people of India paying taxes to develop weapons, just to dump in its shell and let it be rusted out dated.

We are being told that our Nation is Peace Keeper. We born on Gandhi’s country and we are not supposed to be hostile, however, bureocrates do say that we are always ready to go for counter Strike or Second Strike. The bitter fact is that, India is the only country in the world which has been attaked again and again, from Gauri to Brits, Pakis to Chinese, even Bangladesh Border Rangers had killed several Indian Soilders…
CruzIndia Deployed Cruise Missiles
And, what we did? Not even, counter strike. We did dialouge… but it never gave a solution, dude.
Nag VarientA Sophisticated Indian Cruise Missile
India needs to work effectively on its sea based deterrent for a counter and second strike capability since submarine launched ballistic missiles are the weapon for counter strike.
NAGNAG: An Anti Tank Missile, fired from a tank.
However, no delivery system is credible without an effective command and control system.
PINAKAPINAKA Multi Barrel Mobile Rocket/Nag & its variants Launcher in rapid succession.
There should be a dispersal of command and control for effective control over the nuclear arsenal. India must be able to articulate about the reasons for a ballistic missile defense and that the defense system is only for defensive purpose and not meant for any offensive purpose.
पृथ्वी प्रेक्षपात्र Prithvi
That is, the defense system would be used to prevent an adversary’s first strike, and not to launch a first strike and use the BMD to prevent the remaining adversary’s arsenal for targeting India.
As India develops its MIRV capability, it must be noted that MIRVs require miniaturized war- head technology which could affect the range of ballistic missile, that is, it could reduce the range of ballistic missile.

Being a first strike weapon, India must be able to articulate the fact that MIRVs are technology demo- nstrator for New Delhi and would not be used for first strike.

However, given India’s no first use policy, if the missiles survive a first strike, MIRVs would be the best option to launch a counter strike and destroy adversa- ry’s targets with minimum number of missiles.

It must be noted that even though nuclear weapons could be a threat to United States’ forward base at Diego Garcia, these weapons are not aimed at the same. The US would need a strong power to contain the dragons in the Asian periphery and India is one of the options.
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Should India invest more on nuclear weapons from its defense budget?

Should India increase its yearly defense budget?

What do you think about developing nation’s nuclear weapon programs? Should developing countries like China, India and
Pakistan invest more on its nuclear weapon programs or their other infrastruc- tural development works?

What can be the
initiatives from the governments of India, China and Pakistan to improve the relation and trust among them and increase the regional stability and overall growth in Indian
sub continent?

Indian Battle ShipsA Formation of Indian Navy’s Battle Ships.

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