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Juhi was the most exciting thing to hit Bollywood since Cinema scope. In a industry where everyone played the game of admiring the emperor’s clothes, Juhi used her tongue like a scythe. In a city where flattery was the daily currency of conversation, Juhi fearlessly spoke her mind.

She had Aryan, the Super Star beside her and she brandished his power like a weapon, attacking all the important studio executives. They had never experienced anything like it before.

They did not offend Juhi, because they did not want to offend Aryan. He was bollywood’s most bankable star, and they wanted him, needed him.

Aryan was bigger than ever. His movies were enormous money makers. Aryan was the hottest property in show biz. They wanted him for movies, guest shots, albums, merchandising, personal appearances, they wanted, they wanted, they wanted. The most important people in industry fell all over themselves to please Aryan.

They quickly learned that the way to please Aryan was to please Juhi.

She began to schedule all of Aryan’s appoint- ments herself and to organize his life so that there was room in it only for those of whom she approved. She put up an impenetrable barricade around him, and none but the rich and famous and the powerful were allowed to go through it.

She was the keeper of the flames. The little small-town girl had been exploited, the horrible name “Casting Couch” she had heard ever, had been used several times for her with a bright chance, in terms of favoring her, in terms of giving a chance to be a memorable part of “Yash Raj Films”, “RGV Production”, “Red Chillies”, “Farah Khans’ Films” followed by an endless list… and now as she becomes the shadow of Sun- Aryan… She was being Entertained by Governers, Mayors, Politicians, Ministers, Ambassadors, MF Hussain kind of top notch artists.

This industry had done terrible things to her. But it would never do them again.

Not as long as she had Aryan.

   The people who were in real trouble were the ones on Juhi’s hate list. She lay in the bed with Aryan, she snuggled in his arms- “Darling, did I ever tell you about the time I was looking for an agent and I went to this man- what was his name?

“Ohh yes! Robin A. Sharami.”

  “He told me he had a part for me in Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming film PAAP“and he sat down on his bed to read with me.” Aryan turned to look at her, his eyes narrowing-

“What happened?”

Juhi smiled- “Stupid innocent that I was, while reading I felt his hand go up my shoulders to.” Juhi threw back her head and laughed.

  “I was frightened out of my wits. I’ve never run so fast in my life.”

Ten days later, Robin’s agency licence was permanently revoked by the Metro Licensing
The Robin’s financers ICICI and HSBC Banks, had financed his Films Distribution Business and earned millions. Recently, both banks had funded Robin with 105 Crores Rupees, suddenly notified Robin to refund the amount with 22.10 per cent interest, 5% compound interest. Banks did not give even two weeks for Robin to liquified his bonds etc. Sixth day of notification, banks started the procedure of foreclosure. Second day of insolvency Robin shoot his head, his body was found laying in the pool of blood on the same couch he persued Juhi to lay down on the pretext of giving her an important role in “Chak De India” against SRK.

  In the months that followed, Juhi told Aryan little fictions about casting directors, their assistants on her list, and one by one they disappeared.

  There were those around Aryan who felt that Juhi could not last, that she was simply a temporary intrud-er, a passing fancy. So they tolerated her or treated her with a thinly veiled contempt.

It was their mistake. One by one, Juhi eliminated them like she did with Robin.

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