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From the day on Aryan’s progress was spectecular.

Juhi- who had beaten the death at the time of her birth. When she was in the clutches of death for 29 Secs, she fighted. As soon as the 30th Sec arrived, she forced even death to go away.

This determined girl Juhi, finally did the magic. Aryan, whose stroke, for medical science, was incureable, a woman made it possible, an stubburn girl, who never lost a thing in life, told the world, if dedication and grit you have is honest nobody can beat you.
* * *

For Aryan, Juhi had become his goddess; if he had loved her before, he worshipped her now.

Dr. Mantra could not conceal his astonishment. “Its unbelievable,” he told Juhi.

“It’s like a miracle.”

Six months later. No one could say that Aryan was on death bed.

Juhi again launched Aryan on silver screen.

Big Hit!
A TV show-Top TRP Ranking. He became a rage among fans.

Time Magazine gave Aryan & Juhi its cover page picture followed by a story about Juhi and Aryan under the title, “The Golden Couple.” … Name, Fame, Money everything had grown.

A Super Star was back with a loudest bang and flash. People who never ever watched films; people who don’t like wasting two – three hours in the dark theatre, staring at screen, and people who don’t know Aryan and Juhi, suddenly became aware of what happened with a star, and who made him jumped out of impossible.

Juhi had thrown her dice and won again.

But, this was not the end!

Juhi organised a world tour, she wanted the world to know that Aryan was still a superstar as Juhi was, very well aware that Aryan successs was her own success.

New Jersy… An India in US. Innumerable fans did come to see live perform- ance of their hero.

The Audience inside the auditoriam was there partly out of respect for a man who had been famous and great, but mostly out of curiosity. They were there to pay final tribute to a dying hero, a burnt-out star.

Next day.
The “Newyork Times”, reports on front page, “They came to bury Aryan, but they stayed to praise him and cheer him.”

The “Hollywood Reporter” reviewer said, “The audience was there to see a great star come back, but Aryan proved he had never been away.”

The Sun was out once more, and it was shining on Juhi. Europe was a succession of triumphs. They were applauded
wherever they

But now it was Juhi they were applauding, as well as Aryan. The magnificent story of what she had done, her feat of single handedly nursing Aryan back to health against all odds, had stirred the imagination of the world. It was hailed by the press as “the love story of century.”

There were parties again, and receptions and this ambassador and that minister. Everybody wanted them for everything.

Their last stop was Moscow. Aryan had been booked to appear at the Bolshoi theatre.

On the afternoon of the day Aryan was to give his final performance, they were getting ready to go out shopping. Aryan said, “Why don’t you go alone, baby? I think I’ll sack out for a while.” She studied him for a
moment. “Are you feeling all right?”

Great. Just little tired.

Juhi hesitated.

Aryan looked pale. When this tour was over, she would see to it that Aryan had a long rest before he began his work.

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