The Magician [09 | the past arrives]

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Juhi was walking through the lobby toward the exit when she heard a man’s voice call, “KAJAL” and even as she turned, she knew who it was, and in a split second the magic happened again.


… her lost love, was moving toward her, smiling said, “I am so glad to see you”, and she felt as though her heart would stop. He’s the only man who has ever been able to do this.

“Will u have a drink with me…?” Raj asked.

“Yes !” she said.

Juhi remembered how desperatly she had ever wanted him and she did know how deeply Raj would love her.

But, she had left just everything which includes Raj, to be famous. Well here was she, famous.

She chased her dreams and caught it, but now sitting before Raj she was realising how much had she paid for.

“I read about your husband, how is he?”

“Fine..,” she felt that she didn’t want to discuss Aryan.”

She was loving and caring Aryan as he was a Star and she had become his shadow. Yet, whenever she thought with her bossom, there was no Aryan, no – nothing other than Raj.

The good old days, she ever spent with Raj, in his backyard. Yet, she knew that the big social gap between Raj and herself was something she couldn’t cover. But, deep inside her, Raj was still alive.

YES! She always loved Raj.

“Mrs. Aryan! We have been looking for you, you need to reach at theater.

Juhi looked at Raj, “Call me in the morning.” She gave her card to Raj, kissed on his cheek and moved.

Was that one another dice-throw from God?

Aryan’s last performance in
the Bolshoi Theatre was more exciting than anything that had been seen there before.

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