The Magician [11 | Dilemma]

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  She would stared down at him, silent, thinking:
“A part of me is laying in that bed, suffering, trapped. They were bound together. She would had given anything to have saved Aryan, to save herself. But she knew that there was no way. Not this time.

  The phones rang constantly, and it was rerun of all those other phone calls, all those other offers of sympathy. But there was one phone call that was different.

  Raj telephoned “I just want you to know that whatever I can do-anything at all- I am waiting?”

  Juhi thought of how he looked, tall and handsome and strong, and she thought of misshapen caricature of a man in the next room.

 “Thank You, Raj. I appreciate it. There’s nothing. Not at the moment.” Juhi could feel her throat tightening.

Oh, how she wanted to ask Raj to come to her, to take her away from this place! But she could not. She was bound to Aryan, and she knew that she could never leave him.

 Not while he was alive.

After examining the Aryan Dr. Mantra had told Juhi that his nervous system was damaged too heavily to be rehabilitated. But Aryan’s heart was amazingly strong. And, with proper care, he could live for another twenty years.

“Twenty Years…? Was it good news? Juhi thought of herself saddled with the horrible gargoyle upstairs, trapped in a nightmare from which there was no escape.

She could never divorce Aryan. Not as long as he lived. Because no one would understand. She was the heroine who had saved his life. Everyone would feel betrayed, cheated, if she deserted him now.

Raj phoned every day now, and he kept talking about her wonderful loyalty and her selflessness, and they were both aware of the deep emotional current flowing between them.

The unspoken phrase was, ‘when Aryan dies.’

The Magician was watching closely. It was Juhi’s turn to come forward for the last-throw of dice. Or she could have given up, she had already won everything to spend rest of her life luxuriously with enormous respects she had earned by saving a Star. But. . ! this time, she had been given an option. Raj was an option, her lost love had come to her when she was about to give up. God was with Juhi, or she thought like this.

Three nurses attended Aryan around the clock in shifts. Juhi was grateful for their presence, for she could not bear to go near Aryan. She found excuses to stay away from his room. When she did force herself to go to him, Juhi could sense a change in him immediatly. Even the nurses could feel it.

Aryan lay motionless and impotent, frozen in his spastic cage. Yet the moment Juhi entered the room, a vitality began to blaze from those bright black eyes.

Juhi could read Aryan’s thoughts as clearly as if he were speaking aloud.

“Don’t let me die. HELP ME! Help me!”

Juhi stood looking down at his ruined body and thoughts, “I can’t help you. You don’t want to live like this. You want to die.”

The idea began to grow in Juhi’s mind. Unaware… that lust… or in specific, Raj… was over powering.

Release from pain.
Mercy Killing…
what is it called…?
But Jill knew that it could also be called murder, even though nothing lived in Aryan anymore but those damned eyes that would not stop following her around.

Outside… World Media were speculating with enormous numbers of fans about whether Juhi would be able to repeat the miracle.

“Twenty years,” she thought and Raj was out there waiting for her. She had to find a way to escape from her prison.

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