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Wherever she went in the house, she could feel Aryan’s presence. She avoided going anywhere near Aryan’s room, but it didn’t matter. He was everywhere, waiting for her.

The days were horrible enough, but the nights were terrifying. They followed the same pattern. Juhi would go to her room and huddle in her bed, fighting to stay awake, afraid to go to sleep, knowing that Aryan would come.

But her exhausted body would take over and she would finally doze off. She would be awakened by the cold. She would lie shivering in her bed, feeling the icy air creeping toward her, an evil presence enveloping her like a terrible malediction. She would get up and flee in silent terror.

It was three a.m. Juhi had fallen asleep in her chair, reading a book. She came out of her sleep gradually, slowly, and she opened her eyes in the pitch black bedroom, knowing that something was terribly wrong. Then she realized what it was.
“She had gone to sleep with all the lights on.”
She felt her heart begin to race. Then she heard the sound. It was coming down the hallway, creak..! creak..!

Aryan’s wheelchair, moving toward her bedroom door. Juhi began to feel the hairs rise on the back of her neck.

She had heard that sound too many times before.

Creak..! Creak..! like the music of death coming to get her. She could hear it coming closer and closer. It was at her door now. It had stopped, crouching, waiting. And suddenly there was the sound of a crash, and then silence. Juhi spent the rest of the night huddled in her chair in the dark, too terrified to move.

In the morning, outside her bedroom door, and she found a broken vase on the floor, where it had been knocked over from a hallway table.

She walked back in her bedroom, switch on her laptop, connect it with world wide web and googled whatever she was suffering from. And, to her horror, every time google came up with “a haunted house,” or “ghost story and theory,” “revenging spirits,” …there was no answer in her favour.

She was talking to Dr. Mantra. “Do you believe that the- the mind can control the body? I mean if Aryan wanted… wanted very much to get out of his bed, could he?”

“You mean unaided? In his present condition?” He gave her a look of incredulity. “He has absolutely no mobility at all. None whatsoever.”

Juhi was still not satisfied. “If… if he was really determined to get up… if there was something he felt he had to do.”

Dr. Mantra shook his head, “Our mind give commands to the body… but if your motor impulses are blocked, if there are no muscles to carry out those commands, then nothing can happen.”

She had to find out. “Do you believe that objects can be moved by the mind?”

“You mean Psychokinesis? There are a lot of experiments being done, but no one has ever come up with any proof that’s convinced me.”

Something seemed to be wrong with her head. It was no longer just headaches. She was beginning to forget things. Her memory began to play strange tricks on her. She knew she could not go on like this. She had to find out whether there was something wrong with her mind or whether Aryan was able to somehow move, whether he had found a way to attack her, to try to murder her. She had to see him.

She forced herself to walk toward Aryan’s room. She stood outside a moment, steeling herself, and then entered his room. The yellow cast had gone from Aryan’s face, but the gaping idiot grin was still there.

The body was dead, but the eyes were frantically alive. Darting, seeking, weighing, planning, hating; cunning black eyes filled with their secrets plans, their deadly determination. It was Aryan’s mind she was seeing.

“It’s important thing to remember that his mind is unimpaired”, the doctors had told her. His mind could think and feel and hate. That mind had nothing to do but plan its revenge, figure out a way to destroy her. Aryan wanted her dead, as she wanted him dead.

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