The Magician [15 | the betrayel…]

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As Jill looked at him now, staring into those eyes blazing with loathing, she could feel the waves of abhorrence hitting her like physical blow.

Juhi stared into those eyes, and she remembered the broken vase and she knew that none of the nightmares had been illusions. He had found a way. She knew now that it was Aryan’s life against hers.

She now knew what she had to do.

Raj called Juhi to tell her that he is going to South Africa and will be back in a week.

When physiotherapist came to work on Aryan, Juhi told him that Aryan need not any therapy. Physio returned.

Next, she came to Aryan’s room and told the Anju that she was off duty and she’ll look after Aryan herself.

The same things she repeated to other nurses and domestic helps.

Now the Villa had two lives… both want to kill each other…

…The Magician was watching all…

Juhi was in Aryan’s room. She looked at Aryan. His eyes were focused on her face in an unwavering unblinking stare. Forcing herself to move closer to the bed, she pulled back covers and looked down at the wasted, paralysed frame, the limb, useless legs.

The wheel chair was in a corner. Juhi moved it over to the beside and positioned the chair so that she could roll Aryan onto it. She reached toward him, and stopped.

It took every ounce of her will power to touch him. The grinning, mummified face was only inches away from her, the mouth smiling idiotically and the bright black eyes spewing venom.

Juhi leaned forward and forced herself to lift Aryan by his arms. He was almost weightless, but in Juhi’s exhausted condition, she could barely manage it. As she touched his body, Juhi could feel the icy air begin to envelop her. The pressure inside her head was becoming unbearable.

There were bright colored spots before her eyes, and they began to dance around, faster and faster, making her dizzy. She felt herself starting to faint, but she knew that she must not allow that to happen. Not if she wanted to live.

With a super human effort, she dragged Aryan’s limp body onto the wheelchair and strapped him in. She looked at her watch. Raj would be departed to airport for S.Africa.

Juhi went into her bedroom and changed into bathing suit and return to Aryan’s room. She released the brakes on the wheel chair and began to wheel Aryan down to corridor, into the elevator. She stood behind him as they rode down, so that she could not see his eyes. But she could feel them. And she could feel damp cold of the noxious air that began to fill elevator, smothering her, caressing, filling her lungs with its putrescence until she begin to choke. She could not breathe. She fell to her knees, gasping, fighting to stay conscious, trapped in there with him. As she started to feel herself blacking out, the doors of elevator opened. She crawled into the warm sunlight and lay there on the ground, breathing deeply, sucking in the fresh air, slowly getting back her energy.

She turned toward the elevator. Aryan was seated in the wheel chair, watching, waiting. Juhi quickly pushed the chair out of elevator.

She started toward the pool. It was beautiful, cloudless day, warm and balmy, the sun sparkling on the blue filtered water. Juhi rolled the wheel chair to the edge of the deep end of the pool and set the brakes. She walked around to the front of the chair. Aryan’s eyes were fixed on her, watchful, puzzled.

Juhi reached for the strap holding Aryan into the chair, and tightened it as hard as she could, pulling on it, yanking it with all that was left of her strength, feeling herself growing dizzy again with the efforts.

Suddenly it was done.

Juhi watched Aryan’s eyes change as he realized what was happening, and they begin to fill with a wild demonic panic.

Juhi released the brakes, grasped the handle of the chair and started to push it towards the water. Aryan was trying to move his paralysed lips, trying to scream, but no sound came out, and the effect was terrifying.

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