The Magician [16 | the execution]

[PAGE 16]

She could not bear to look into his eyes. She did not want to know. She shoved the wheel chair to the very edge of the pool. And it stuck…

It was held back by the cement lip. She pushed harder, but it would not go over. It was as though Aryan was holding the chair back by his sheer will power.

Juhi could see him straining to rise out of the chair, fighting for his life. He was going to get loose, free himself, reach out for her throat with his bony fingures… she could listen his voice screaming…

“I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die,” and she did not know whether it was her imagination or whether it was real, but in a rush of panic, she found a sudden strength and shoved as hard as she could against the back of the wheelchair. It lurched forward, upward into the air, and hung there, motionless, for what seemed an eternity, then rolled into the pool, hitting with a loud splash. The wheel chair seemed to float on top of the water for a long time, then slowly began to sink.

The eddies of the water turned the chair around, so that the last thing Juhi saw was Aryan’s eyes damning her to hell as the water closed over them.

The Sun was Setting.

The Shadow
The Saviour
The Killer… Juhi stood there for ever, shivering in the warm noon day sun, letting the strength flow back into her mind and body.

When she felt ok, she walked down the steps of the pool to wet her bathing suit… then she had to call police and tell them one more fiction that how was she helping Aryan in stretching near pool… and for what work she had gone inside… when Aryan’s wheel chair accidently rolled down into the water… and how did she try to save Aryan from drowning… Every body had to believe for she was the Saviour in people…

She turned back… and what she saw made every every inch of her body lifeless, sweatening. The shock was too over powering that she felt her knee, unable to bear her body weight, was bending. She tried to open her mouth and what she heard was “Arr yy” and she lost in deep dark black of grave.


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