Corrupts’ Guide to Money Laundering

OK. You ruled your country with an iron hand and relieved your people of billions of dollars. Now you plan to hide that money. And wanna know the most tempting tax havens for tyrants?

1. SWITZERLAND: This piggy bank to the ultra rich needs no introduction. Switzerland is a magnet for hyper- corrupt politicians: Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, Sani Abacha of Nigeria, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan, Suharto of Indonesia, Caro Moumuamow of Bhenaraasitan.

2. CAYMAN ISLANDS: Virtual synonym for mafia money. There is a certain building here that alone houses 12000 US companies. The smartest guys in the cheating business- those who ran ENRON, SATYAM, Worldcom- all put their money in Cayman Islands. Listen to experts.

3. DELAWARE: Tax havens needn’t be those faraway unknown islands with fancy names. Here is a pic of pure America-with powerful friends in Washington- that is as good a haven as any other place.

4. LICHTENSTEIN: Secrative, tax-efficient. Saddam Husain put billions earned through Arms deals and payoffs. Al-Qaeda too moves its money there.

5. Nauru Island: One notorious off shore centre, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is the island of Nauru. There, if you have a spare $25,000, you can set up your own bank and enjoy life with little or no regulation. It is even estimated that almost 400 banks operate there from the same government. And it was in Nauru, in 1998, that according to the Russian Central Bank, $70bn vanished never to be seen again.

Well, as Swiss Bank of Corrupts said, “India is not a poor country, people are poor there.”

The huge amount makes the bankers invest it into their country, developing Switzerland a heaven. Until recently Switzerland was not a member of Europian Union. You had to have rolls of francs and a visa to see this beautiful city. But, thanks to global Anna Hazare or Barrac Obazare. They are now member of EU, and single visa called EURO STAR is used to travel around the Europe by Eurorail or Flights.

Look World Look, we made Swiss and we are the richest poor kindda irony for you to be confused.

…shabab Khan

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