Camera Raped…

A Selfie

     Selfies are pictures you take of yourself, holding camera at your arm length, tagged with #selfie or just with #me. They are showing up all across social networks like
Facebook or Instagram— often but not
exclusively posted by women. It is also known as Camera Raped.

     As the numbers and frequency
of selfies increase, the phenomenon has garnered attention. In our globally connected
24/7 world, anything that gets attention,
gets talked about.

     Some view these self-created self-portraits as proof of cultural— or atleast generational—
#narcissism and moral decline. I, on the other hand, view them as a
byproduct of
technology-enabled self- exploration.

     Not only Western but Eastern civilization has a rich history of self-portraiture that continues to expand with technological

     Where once they were the province of the elite either in status or skill, cell phones and Instagram have democratized self-
portraiture, making them less precious and
more fun.

     Voila selfies.

…shabab khan
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