Ram Leela: Sanjay Leela’s first Color Movie

 घुमक्कड़ की डायरी
Wish Shakespere was alive to see Romeoism interlaced into vulgar combination of colors and Julietika’s sex appeal that makes our guy put his hand over the gun’s nozzle. Now I know why I don’t like Sanjay Leela’s smile.

After failing to break any box-office records despite a shockingly good opening, Ram Leela is now eyeing another record to make up for the lost opportunity.

The film is now on its way to break a record recently created by Sachin Tendulkar, of making maximum number of people cry through his speech, albeit a little differently.

Experts claim the film has so far managed to make thousands of people LMAO (Lamenting their arse off) and ROFW (Rolling on the floor Weeping) through its story line or rather the lack of it and is only few numbers away from breaking master’s record.


While the film has already broken the record in Mumbai circuit that comprises of Gujarat and Suarashtra, experts claim it would be an uphill task for it to break the record in Delhi and East Punjab circuit. As there it will face immense competition from Punjabi films like Ashmit Patel starrer “Dil Saada Luteya Gaya” which is already on a roll.

Moviegoers are in a fix as they can’t even blame film’s director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who had given them enough warnings through his earlier films.

“I believed Bhansali when he said that this film would make everybody cry, but never imagined he was trolling us and the route the film would take to make it happen would be a nightmare. This is not how we Gujaratis behave for god’s sake!” said a man from Matunga who feels Bhansalis films are nothing but an RGVs film made on lavish and expensive sets.

“Yeah I cried and got emotional in the end. That of all the films I chose this one to spend my money on. I will recommend it to my boss and a colleague who got promotion ahead of me, for sure,” said another man from Ghatkopar.

But not everybody is crying. Few are thanking Bhansali for coming out with such films time and again.

“Ram Leela is a good tool to threaten and pressurize my team. Ever since I warned them of back to back to shows of this film if they fail to complete the project on time, their efficiency has increased manifold,” said Project Manager of yet another “leading” IT company who wants Bhansali to continue making such films at least till his retirement.

In a related news, it is being reported that for the first time after watching Ram Leela, Congress President Sonia Gandhi didnt have to use services of glycerin to shed tears. Apparently she watched the film after Digvijay Singh told her that film is far too communal to be allowed to screen in India as it has extensive use of Saffron color in the background.

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