Bigg Boss In DU Syllabus !!

Discovey Channel is making a documentary on the super success of Bigg Boss …

In order to cater to the ever-increasing population of Voyeurs in India, Delhi University has announced a new graduation course which is being called Bachelors of Voyeurism.

As apart of this course watching Bigg Boss would be a compulsory subject.

“Bigg Boss is a voyeur’s delight and Indians just love to see practically anyone (not necessarily a celebrity) washing their private linen in public. They derive extreme pleasure from watching or talking about anything scandalous, be it gossiping about girls in Office, watching their neighbours fight etc.

While the show has been successfully catering to the voyeuristic needs of Indians so far, we will be looking forward to take its help in producing world class voyeurs that will espionage others for generations to come,” explained the spokesperson of Delhi University.

A premium course which would come at a higher cost would even have students being shown uncensored videos of Bigg Boss that are not available in public domain. He further expressed confidence about the bright career of the students undertaking this course.

“Voyeurs are in great demand these days. US President Obama has already expressed his interest in hiring some of the talented passouts of this course in NSA. And those who fail to make it to NSA always have Amit Shahs snooping team to look forward to,” claimed the spokes person allaying the fears of students.

DU has already roped in few Auntys in their late 30s and early 40s as a part of faculty from West Delhi region. This region is quite famous for producing some world class peeping toms mainly in the form of housewives and auntys who are perpetually interested and interfering in what is happening in their neighbours life.

One of the reliable sources told that DU HR is also talking to some unmarried girls belong to an oldest locality of Allahabad, namely Dariyabad… This region is famous for having lots of 35-40 years old ‘Virgin Girls’, and their only daily activity is to observe, analyse the others personal stuff. They know the secret receipe which they mix in others’ matters and garnish it to look delicious. In addition, they know how to make the stuff viral.

Also DU is planning to rope in well known ‘Lift Opportunist’ Sri Tarun Tejpal. They feel he has right amount of crassness needed to head this course. And at the same time they feel that students stand to benefit a lot from his indefatigable efforts in the field of Voyeurism.

When Vagabond talked to some students about this course, they shown so much interest in course, as well as they desperatly said that they will welcome all the 35 – 40 years old Virgins from Allahabad as faculty.

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