Blow Out !

Austin MartinThis is an imported 4.5 Crores Austin Martin Car. In Mumbai, it first hits an Audi A4 driving by an female MBA student, from behind making the Audi to jump over the road divider and land on the wrong side, where a bus hits that Audi from front side.

“There was nothing I could do”, people often say, but…”

Every time you drive up a kerb, through a pothole that you could have avoided, park with your tyres pressing against a kerb or leave weeks between tyre pressure checks remember the facts:

It usually takes several months of neglect for a tyre to ‘burst’ and there is a very simple thing that you can do about it: “look after your tyres a bit better!”

If you look after your tyres but are still unlucky enough to get a blowout or high speed puncture the tips below will help you to cope and perhaps avoid an accident.

Action for Rear Tyre Blow Outs:

Your car will tend to weave about, especially at speeds over 50mph. The best action is to hold the steering wheel firmly and let the car slow down by itself. Your immediate instinct might be to brake, but if the car is starting to move sideways braking will make matters worse causing the car to spin.

Sudden braking is the single worst thing that you can do if a tyre blows out. Repeat this thought to yourself over and over so that you are programmed to act if the worst happens.

Keep looking ahead and turn your steering wheel to keep in a straight line. Maintain momentum by accelerating and then ease off the gas to slow down-accelerating is not done to speed the car up, simply to maintain momentum and minimising the risk of and effect of a side slide.

Changing to a lower gear might help in a front wheel drive car if you can control the steering with one hand.

Action for Front Tyre Blow Outs

Front type punctures will cause the car to pull heavily to one side. Steer firmly to correct the pull. Leave the foot brake alone … If there is space ahead, concentrate on steering and allow the car to lose speed naturally. If you use the footbrake after gaining initial control, be very gentle…

Pulling the parking brake on and off repeatedly can help you to slow down but care must be taken not to lock the back wheels because this could cause the car to pivot around the damaged wheel and spin- your main aim is to keep the car on course and lose speed naturally.

Changing the gear down might help in a rear-wheel drive car as engine compression will lower the speed but again no snatched or jerky changes.

Remembering that extra effort will be required for steering, it may be safer to keep your hands on the wheel.


Burst tyres are dead. You can drive on the tyre very slowly to a safe place but do not attempt to go any further than is absolutely necessary. Repairable punctures can turn into irreparable tyres if you drive on them.

Read your car’s handbook for information about jacking your car safely and changing a wheel. If you have a space saver spare tyre, keep your speed down- your car will not be as stable as with the full size tyre.

Tyre Checks:

-Check your tyre pressures weekly.
-Check tyres for damage weekly with a quick visual check every day.
-Check your tyres before long journeys.
-Check you handbook for correct tyre pressures for different vehicle loads.
-Check your tyre pressure more often during heat.

Personal Advice:
Yes! As Sharmi says that my driving is too fast which makes her pray for safe passage, and I admit that, yes I have touched 162 Kmph mark at Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Still, I am safe, I never ever met even a single minor accident. I would say that when I drive fast I concentrate only on driving and nothing else. My innerself alarms me that I’m too fast, so be careful. Usually, at 50KMPH driving momentum, people minds start wandering all around, because instincts send no warning signal, making people lose their concentration which leads them to sleep on steering, and then … !! So, drive slow or fast, don’t let your mind escape.



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