FAROOQ SHEIKH: A Man of Simplicity

Farooq Sheikh
Farooq Sheikh: A man of beatific smile..

“My biggest regret that I never got to spend time with you, Faroukh sahib, as I had requested. Should have done it earlier. I feel so sorry. May Allah give peace to you soul.”
-Shah Rukh Khan

“Just up to the news of Farooq Sheikh passing away ! Cannot believe that he has gone ! A wonderful colleague, a gentle presence about him, no pretence of any kind. His work and his demeanour breathed a certain honesty, hard to find in most.”
He was the only one to congratulate me when the Swedish Investigator in the Bofors scandal revealed that my name had been ‘deviously planted’.
-Amitabh Bachchan

Farooq Sheikh passes away! Shocked, numbed and saddened. Was supposed to be shooting with him today. A gentleman actor is no more! Shot with him last month. Had the warmest conversation & were to meet here in Indore today. Was to join us from Dubai. Alvida Farooq Saab.
-Boman Irani

You don’t expect some people to ever go from this world. Farooq Shiekh was one of them. He was kind, gentle, compassionate & real. SAD. RIP.
-Anupam Kher

Deeply saddened to hear about Farooq Sheikh. Will miss his warmth, acting skills & gentlemanly demeanour.RIP sir.
-Madhur Bhandarkar

RIP Farooq Sheikh…. your subtle,nuanced and genius body of work will live on forever.
-Karan Johar

Can’t believe Farooq sheikh has passed away!! Nicest, kindest n most gracious.
-Farah Khan

करोगे याद तो हर बात याद आएगी,
गुज़रते वक्त की हर मौज ठहर जाएगी।

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