Honor Killings in Muslim World ..

Honor Killings in Muslim world is far ahead than of people who do this in Haryana on the issue of Gotra. In India, Jat community of the state of Haryana has a kind of private judicial system, they call it “KHAPS”. Believe it or not, Life and Death, and social curse are all in the hands of some illiterate rustic elders of a village. It is certain, if a girl and a boy who come from the same Gotra, if fall in love, and get married on their own, they would be killed by their own family members, with no resistance from any villagers.

Well, in Muslim World the guidelines for women and men are totally different. Here, if a couple is found intimate beyond social agreement, the couple is first split, boy is released with a senseless preach. And, the poor girl, as per the guidelines, is first put in a pit in a way that only upper body is appeared, rest is under sand, making her immovable. The mob gathers to earn blessings, mob is given cricket ball size of rough random stones to target the appearing body and hit her with stone from a distance until and unless she dies.

Can you imagine the horror of slow agonizing death?

Who knows, a stone from the same boy she was involve with is also zoomed towards her eyes or nose or shoulder or breasts or forehead. Boy or man who indulged and feast on the victim is not surely gonna leave this and would go for another prey.

Taliban is believed to punish women on the charges of Showing face to an stranger man, Talking to man out of her family, Going out to school …and worst, falling in love. They would reward with lashes or a bullet in subject’s head. But now, there is no Talibani Fighter Groups, no Mollah Omar, no Osama …the people in power are US backed. Hamid Karjai, the president of the ruins of Afganistan, is busy in filling his own bank accounts abroad, why would he care of a couple who fell in love and given Death Sentence by local “Shoora”-(panchayat or local judicial system).

But here, the finger is being raised toward a democratic nation, a country close to Indian heart, to which India always backed in International arena, a nation which is becoming (or has become) Nuclear Capable- Iran.

A Couple of Nuclear Weapons in the hands of people having Medival mindset is a threat. Just like Pakistan with nuclear arsenal is making the world nuts, Iran is also on the same track.

They don’t have anything to do with Human Rights. If they find a case of adultation, woman would send to the pit, and man would be hanged in public by using the cranes.

Honor Killings in Muslim World. Click if you have nerves to face the reality.

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