Deadly Euphoria !


He was the only son of top politician and social figure. He never bothered himself, thinking about future, what he ever wished he got it. Sport car, imported bike, designer wardobe, prettiest girl friend, foreign vacations, and everything money could buy. Father had time for world but not for son, he was just a money feeding machine which never run out of fund.

Soon, he became fed up, there was nothing left to do, to get. At this time, when all his friends were either in some engineering college or business school or in family business, he had nowhere to go. He was alone, and most vulnerable, and he became prey soon.

After inhaling a puff of white smoke, keeping it into his lungs for a while, making them to suck the vapour and mix it in blood, finally he let the neat smoke outta his lungs. He closed his eyes and next moment he was in heaven. A world where neither he felt lonliness nor did he need somebody to be with him. He had found his world in some kindda brown powder given by Vivek, his school mate.

First the powder, vivek named it “COKE”, was just like sharing cigarette puffs, latter Vivek told him the stuff was quite expensive and he can’t afford giving him for free. What the heck? Money was never a problem, he gave Vivek a handful of 1000 Rs. notes. And, Vivek bought it for them.

When he had been told about the car crash and sudden death of his parents, he didn’t really care. But, the game of losing had been started. Funding had stopped. And, slowly but steadly he kept losing for Coke. And, five years latter, he was on road, but he didn’t really care.

Coke- or Smack, Heroin, Brown Suger- has pretty much trashed this guy’s life in a number of ways, yet he is utterly unrepentant about it and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sadly this is typical of heroin addicts. An addict will be on his deathbed, dying of some illness related to heroin addiction, and he will still not blame heroin for his plight. He praise heroin until the last light blinks out on his existence.

This is because the high is so great. The high is so fantastic that the addict will do anything to get it.

And he keeps loving that high till the very end no matter how much trouble it gets him into. This is not a read and forget fiction of a guy, this is a true story to keep in mind forever.

Mid 80s to mid 90s …drugs abuse used to be a top social evils. Awareness programs, TV ads, Print ads, college champaigns used to be organised by both Govt. and NGOs.

I know people who have taken this drug dozens of times without getting addicted. They told me that they didn’t even like the high, so obviously it is not for everyone.

They told me that the high is very “floaty,” and after a while, you get pretty sleepy. Like a lot of drugs, it tends to make all of your problems vanish into thin air, which is after all why a lot of people take drugs in the first place.

While driving through the Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Lucknow kindda rising cities, I see addicts in euphoria sitting on shit dumps, the number is rising as the maintainance of life is getting tougher. If you fall once, you try to escape from the race we all are in, and drug is an easy way to send you somewhere, though virtually.

Crime against Women, Female Foeticide, Terrorism, China are now our concern to deal with, we don’t have enough time to go deep into this problem our youths are falling for. We, somehow, manage to convince ourself that Drug Abuse no longer is required to aware our people from. Just take a look of latest reports of NCB.

They know about Drugs, Aids and other evils. They know, still they are falling prey. Our young girls are now dipping themselves in heaven which eventually turns into a hell you can’t escape from. Think!

Drugs are No Solution.


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