Outfoxing Them !

Yes, as the title suggests this post is dedicated to those who know that they are being duped but in lack of enough knowledge and will, they let them do it, again and again.

You guys know I am in Import-Export kindda box in which one of your feet remains in your office and another in a trade fair somewhere in the world. Sometime I get back to home at 23hrs and before I could remove my shoes I receive a call that a buyer in Belgium I have exported to a week back is on a defaulter list, in that case I get to fly fast enough to reach destination port where the vessel having our stuff is scheduled to arrive in order to make sure I have not been duped by a foreign client.

During the flight I don’t like predatory behaviour of a passenger sitting by my side, so I don’t do the business calculation on my laptop. What I do in flights is to think how smartly these airliners are over-charging, you will always find ticket 50% costlier when you need the most. With a bit of effort what I found about airline’s tickets selling techniques are being shared with you, that will certainly help you to beat them.

1. Book your flight 21 days before you want to fly: Booking a flight is like playing a game of chicken. Airlines want to get the most money possible for their tickets and have sophisticated computer algorithms that adjust their prices automatically. Book too early, and you might miss out on some major deals. Book too late, and you might be shocked to see prices skyrocket. The general consensus is to book your flight 21 days before your planned departure date to get the best deals.

2. Tuesday is the best day of the week: Most airlines update their reservation systems on a Tuesday at 7pm GMT. People tend to buy the bulk of their tickets on the weekend, so airlines make changes on one of the slowest days of the week – Tuesday.

3. Fly on Tuesday or Wednesday: Tuesday and Wednesday are the least busy days at airports, and are also the cheapest days to fly. As an added bonus, you’ll also have less people to deal with at the airport. Friday and Sunday are the peak flying days of the week, and are the worse, and most expensive days to fly.

4. Book Early for International Flights: The best deals for international flying are found 11-12 weeks in advance. You can also try flying into smaller airports, which sometimes have better deals.

5. Eat Your Cookies: Delete your Internet browser cookies if you’ve visited an airline site within the last 30 days. It’s been discovered that some airlines will raise prices for previous visitors to their websites.


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