Last Night of December


WARNING: Readers with Cardiac problems, pregnent women, boys and girls with upset stomach are being informed that this story may be disturbing for them. Readers Discretions are Advised.


“But why doesn’t she want to go.” I enquired.

“She is not feeling well, and she wanted to sleep.” Anjali explained.

“Something to worry about, is she ok?” Anurag asked.

“Nothing serious guys. She just wanted to sleep tonight. May be she is tired, you know she came back from home only in the evening.” Anjali said.

“OK! Let her sleep. Lets go now, its getting 22:30.” And I put the Qualis in gear and rolled on.

Before I could take the turn to main road, Anjali who was sitting next to me suddenly jumped on her seat. “O’ damn, I forgot my purse in room.”

I knew girl without purse is like boy with no pants. I stopped the SUV. Anjali jumped out and ran toward building. “I won’t take more than a minute.”

As she approched toward building, I said, “Hey, do not disturb Sarita, let her sleep.”

“O Yes!” And Anjali had gone.


We were six in group, all were pursuing MBA from a business school in Noida. Anjali, Sarita, Soma, Riana, Anurag and me. We had been provided apartments in a building located at deserted corner of developing Noida. We had several building in our neighbourhood, all unoccupied. The Aparna building we were living in was a nine storey modern residential complex. Boys had been given rooms on first to fourth floor. Fifth floor had been given a shape of common area, with library, mess and other facilities.

The sixth and seventh floors were reserved for girls. Anjali and Sarita were roomates at sixth floor. While Soma and Riana in an opposite room to Anjali.

We were in our last semester, and within a month we were had to go on our own ways to lead successful lives. Tonight was the New Year Eve, and we had planned to celebrate the event as a farewell party in a New Delhi’s Hotel.

Sarita was a humor bomb, a livewire, an electrifying persona determined to touch the sky. She was the life of every gathering. Tireless like a windmill. So, when we heard that she is not coming, we were surprised. But she was tired.

“Ten Minutes.” Anurag reminds me.

Anjali had not come back.

Fifteen Minutes. Still, no trace of Anjali. I got out of SUV and looked toward building. It seemed like a ghost to me, waiting for a chance to engulf us.

I took my phone out, hop in the car and dialled Anjali’s number. Next moment, I skipped a beat …the phone was ringing under the seat where Anjali was sitting.

“She just love forgetting things.” Riana said and took the phone out from her back seat. And started spying the phone. Phone Book, Gallery…

“Damn you,” I heard Anjali’s voice. “I told you not to play with my phone.” She snatched her phone, hop into the car. And, I moved toward highway to Delhi.

“What were you doing up there ?” It was Soma.

“Just searching my purse. Sarita was sleeping so I didn’t turn on the lights, thats why I took extra minutes. ANYTHING else?”

Nobody dared to speak, anymore.


The Party was more than what we had imagined. DJ, Dancer Girls, Drinks, Cocktail, Kebabs, Dinner… It was just an unforgetable night.

At 3:30 we were racing toward Noida. There was an eerie silence in car, all of us were in our thoughts, it was gonna be our last party, the realization was too hard to swallow, we have spent a very good time together.

I looked toward Anjali, she was staring the road out of windshield. She had lowered her window glass and the breeze was seeping in, hitting her face, making her hair play on her face. If she knew I was looking at her, she shown no interest at all.

I was gonna miss her.

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