Paranormal Destiny !!

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Today was her third day in hospital, her dad and mom had arrived from her hometown, they were sitting next to her, holding her hand, her mother was sobbing. On the left side of the bed was sitting Prem, holding another hand, in his both hands. Soothing her, consoling her. His eyes were telling all, how sorry he was, dry lips were giving the clue of his guilt.

Everything had become normal, the tension between her family and her love Prem had been over.

Overnight, her parents had become understanding and ready to accept Prem and… Prem, too, had apologized for misbehaviour he did with her parents. The dilemma to choose her family or love had almost killed her.

She couldn’t leave parents nor could she go away from Prem, when she couldn’t find a way out, she jumped from the bridge in the middle of the river. The 300 feet high bridge and the bottomless river was notorious, and had taken dozens of lives. But, it was her destiny that she had been spotted by a boat of tourists, and rescued before river could suck her down.

Now, after three days of incident things had sorted out, neither her family nor would she ever let her Prem live without her. Overwhelmed, tears rolled down, albeit lips took a smile, she squeezed both of her hand, assuring through her eyes that she’ll never ever go leaving any of them.

A week latter, she was back to hostel. She was happiest in the world. Prem and she had exchanged rings in presence of both families, and they had to tie the knots in coming Feburary, just after her Masters.

She had fully recovered now, today she had had lunch with Prem, they were planning everything about marriage. Where would they go for honeymoon. She wanted to go America, Prem wanted to go Africa, finally they’d decided to go America via Africa. Days were passing fast and soon she had finished her studies and returned back to her home. Now, just sixteen days were left …the big day was about to come. She was busy with shopping, she would go out with her mother, but today she wanted to shop for Prem, and for that purpose she needed no one.

She parked her car in an underground parking, came out and entered into a shopping mart, where she bought some electronics gadgets, she knew how obsessed was Prem for latest gadgets. Then she was walking toward a shopping centre which was famous for its branded clothes.

Although she was happy, she was preparing for the marriage, Prem would also call her regularly, they would spend whole night on phone talking, hugging, kissing, listening breathings of each other silently, imagining they were both in each others arms and there was nothing inbetween, not even air, clothes were unthinkable; the breathing would go faster and faster as she would imagine Prem’s hand exploring all over her, kissing, soothing every inch …of her body, she would feel masculine odour of his body ..with every passing moment she would feel the ride of rollercoaster …becoming faster and faster, until all of the sudden with an explosion she would fall in the heavenly whirlpool …and she moans …”O’Prem, I Love You,” and in return she always listens “I love you …too,” with heavy breathing… then she would fall asleep, putting her head on Prem’s shoulder, her hand across his chest …all in imagination. And, sometime she would think, that all these happiness, love, affection, the sudden twist of luck, everything around her was fake and imaginary. Time was the demon here, it was now going as slower as possible…making her suspicious, it was just too good to be true. Or was it a guilt?

Guilt …of letting the man die who was madly in love with her …but she never loved him… then why did she let him believe that she was equally in love with him?

She remembers Nawab, a well built man who came into her life before she left for Bangalore. She knew he loved her, but he was just simple, nothing special, when he proposed, she didn’t reject she remembered she had just smiled and walked away. It was him who took her smile as acceptance. And when, she told him that she never loved him. It was him who couldn’t bear this and shot himself, died instantly, for her to feel guilt.

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