The Window

“Can you come and stay with my daughter toninght. We’ll be back by tomorrow evening?”

“O yes! Why not? I would love to be with cutie naughty Viny.”

Annie couldn’t tell her elder sister that she had a date tonight, and promised to come to her home to stay with her little but naughty daughter for a night as they were going out for a night and a day. She reaches her sister’s home before they leave and settles herself in Viny’s room.

Instinctly, Annie felt an uneasiness to find out that sister’s new home, which they bought recently, was in a deserted location, and there was no community out there. No neighbours, no other home, no sign of life outside.

She will stay in, why would I go out, she decides.

At 10:00 O’clock after dinner when Viny and Annie both were watching TV, Viny asked, “Can I have some ice cream?”

“Sure” Annie said. “Where’s the freezer darling?”

“In the basement, so are the nuts, cherries and candy and stuff.” Viny told her in a breath.

When she went down to get the ice cream, she looked out the window to see a young woman standing outside …looking down in such a pose that her face could not be seen clearly. But, this didn’t strike Annie as too suspicious and she simply brushed it off.

Viny took her ice cream, cunningly investigated the contents in cup then asked, “Can I have some hot fudge on this, please?”

“Course,” was the quick reply.

Annie went back down into the basement to retrieve the hot fudge, she looked back out the window to see the same young woman intact, wearing a white gown she was looking down. Annie absent mindedly wondered if the woman was playing some game as she trudged back upstairs.

“Got it,” she dead panned after setting the hot fudge in the microwave and putting the thick chocolate goop on the ice cream.

“Can I please have some nuts on this please…?” Viny demanded.


“Puh-lease Maa-seee..”

“Fine…” she sighed already heading back down the stairs.

As she got the nuts out of a small cabinet in the wall she looked back out the window to see the same woman in the white gown, holding a big chopper in her hand… still looking downward.

Frightened.. !
“Something is wrong…” thought Annie as she ran upstairs she decided to call 100.

“Ooh Thank you! I love you Masee..” Viny squealed happily from her perch on her pink Disney Princess booster seat.

“Uh.. I… I yeah. Hey, Viny, I need you to-” …but before she completes her sentence, Viny asked again. “Oh no! Can I have a cherry on top, please?”

Not wanting to alarm Viny, she decided that she would go get the cherries, then call the police after locking herself and Viny in the bathroom. There’s no way the woman could get inside if the windows and doors were all locked.

After slowly descending down the stairs, she opened the freezer with shaky arms.

Daring to peek out of the window, she closed her eyes before staring out it. The same young woman, in the white gown, holding the same chopper was there. Only the chopper now had blood on it… white gown had splashes of blood.

Stunned ..! Annie started to run but stopped as the woman raised her head… An ugliest face with deadly expression …she looked into her eyes and uttered some words.

“Get out of my home …!”

As the words reached into Annie’s ears she became frigid …her eyes wide open …shivering, her heart …drumming inside… hitting her ribs, her lungs stopped sucking the oxygen …her body flushed with salty water coming out of her body… every hair on scalp rose like some antenna… her throat became dry, lips was like sandpaper… the words she just listened from woman’s mouth was in male voice, heavy and shaky as if the man was drunk out of his limits …Annie’s head was spinning, she felt like vomit… she moved with super human effort…

Running up the stairs, scared of what might await, she rushed into the room.

Viny was dead, badly mutilated body was lying on the floor, a small pool of blood forming on the floor under her feet.

She ran into the washroom and locked the door behind her before dialing 100.

Police arrived, the tearful mother and father were with them. The mother approached Annie, sobbing uncontrollably.

“What happened?”

“Oh God- I’m sorry oh God! I-I saw this woman in this gown and that chopper outside your basement window!”

The mother said, “We… we don’t have any basement windows, only Mirrors…”

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