JEET: The Ultimate Victory !!

This Story was first published on 3-APR-2011, a day after World Cup 2011 as facebook status updates. Friends, liked it so much, specially the Poetry Part… So, I am sharing it with Bloggers Lobby. Just Relive those finest moments and let me know how did you Like it guys.

* * *

कई बार देखा है तुझे पास से जाते हुये,
साल-दर-साल दुश्मन का घर सजाते हुये,
जानेँ क्योँ रुठा था तू हमसे इतने साल,
तेरी आरज़ू मेँ देखा है हमनेँ सारे हिन्द को आँसू बहाते हुये।

जीत लायेँ हैँ अब तुझे सबको धूल चटा के,
जानेँ की बात मत करना, के
देखा था कल हमनेँ आँसमाँ को भी मुस्कुराते हुये;

याद आता है हमेँ आज मिस्बाह उल हक़
जो टिका था आख़िरी तक,
शुक्रिया ऐ मेरे दुशमन-ए-नादान,
दूसरी बार तुझे देखा ओवर कॉनफ़िडेन्स मेँ बह जाते हुये।

धुआँ उठा तो देखा हमनेँ… युवी, धोनी, गँम्भीर और ज़हीर को लंका मेँ आग लगाते हुये,
और श्री को पिटकर नज़रेँ चुराते हुये,

जानेँमन… अब तुम यहीँ रहो हिन्द की गोद मेँ, कि
देखा है हमनेँ तेरे लिये ‘सचिन’ को कई बार पहाड़ोँ को भी हिलाते हुये।

World Cup 2011
* * *

ROARING INDIA: Here Dhoni hits the winning sixer.

DISAPPOINTMENT: A Lankan Kid saddens as India reaching the target.

EMOTIONS: Tears Roll Down, wiping Chaand-Taara Pak Flag.

STUNNED: India like a Tsunami floods in the Final, leaving Pakis in agonizing trauma.

DEEWANGI: Indian Youth, beating the roads as their team lifts World Cup.

THRILL: Sitting outside together in Kolkata, applauses a four by Sachin in IInd Semi.

OPPORTUNISTS: Two top Leaders, cooking Political Biryani using the Fire, burning in Ground.

FEVER: Paki Gypsy family, watching semi final between India n Pak in their makeshift tent.

HOPE: Indian Women, some partially some fully visionary impaired, listening commentary as India storms in Final.

Pakis watching IInd Semi in a theatre.

GOD: A young girl in India prays as Indian batting line up shattered during initial stage of match against Pak.
RITUALS: Indian Prays before Final Match.

APPROACH: Lankan Buddhist Prays.

PASSION: Indian Farmers on Trolly with Potato Sacks, listen English Commentary.

TRICOLOR: Girl at Wankhede holding her Honor and Pride.

DISASTER: Lanka Watches as India Closes to Championship.

MASS HYSTERIA: Huge crowd in a Kanpur Mall.

JASHN: India Living the best moments after Semi.

MADNESS: Every Nook and Corner of Kanpur city celebrates with Fireworks.


VICTORS: In India, diversity comes to an end as Team India thrashed Pak.

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