Business Plans: A Waste of Time

A Business Tactic Initiative by GS Exports Limited

This story tells you how all those days and nights of planning for a perfect business start up is simply a ‘cwot’ -abb. Complete Wastage of Time.

As an Business Owner and entrepreneur I would say that starting a company is “a career for really irrational people. In all probability, whatever the idea is will fail. Building a reality distortion field is how entrepreneurs convince themselves and their employees that this is a good idea.”

Entrepreneurs- in every industry know how and when to do. Take entrepreneurs- in tech field, come in one of two flavors: Either they’re like Steve Jobs, visionaries who understand the market but aren’t technically proficient, or they’re like Steve Wozniak, technical geniuses who don’t understand how to market to customers.

In either case, having great team members can fill in any areas where the entrepreneur lacks strength. We look for three things in a potential startup: market, team, and concept. The team is by far the most important element, and the second is market.

The idea itself is the least important. Think speed, not perfection.

“Whatever hypothesis you have about the market, it’s probably wrong by definition.

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