The Ugly and the Beautiful !


They were a beautiful couple, both from the fashion industry. Both were models and when they met they were on the peak of their career.

Soon both of them fell very much in love. They started dating. Their relationship grew and grew until eventually they got married.

Sometime latter, couple came to know that they were going to become parents soon. Wife was due to deliver a baby boy. All of their friends and family would tell them how their little boy was going to be just as beautiful and successful as his parents.

The time finally came when the baby was to be born. But when the nurse saw the baby she screamed in horror. The other nurses and doctors were also horrified. They couldn’t bear to look at it. The baby’s eyes and cheeks were sunken in.

It portrayed the face of death.

The couple was even more horrified. After all, how could such a gorgeous couple give birth to such an ugly baby boy?

As he grew, the couple could hardly even stand to look at him because he just got uglier and uglier. Every day the mother would see children playing outside and long for her child to do so also.

They never let family or friends see the child. They were too embarrassed by it and eventually locked the child in the attic not ever letting it come out.
The physical features of a little boy made him unwanted.

The family planned a weekend holiday in the mountains, where they had planned to do trekking and camping. As they had not invited anybody else they took the child and went up on a hill.

The hill had a very beautiful view. It was like they were on the sky. The boy enjoyed a lot, but now he wanted to see the villages, river, road down the hill, mother took him to the edge of the rift and let him see downward, the boy was amazed to see the tiny villages, vehicles from the top, and he became so oblivious to sense the danger.

As he leans into the bottomless valley, mother who was holding him, suddenly overpowered by some evil thoughts and next moment, the unfortunate boy was flying in the air, his body was shooting down like a stone toward the rocky ground filled with sharp edged boulders.

Wife looked at her husband, horrified for murdering her child. He was also horrified for a second, but then showed the face of understanding. They both felt free for once, their sadness for child’s death immedeatly turned into a sense relief, they were free from being parents of an ugliest boy.

They quickly packed up and drove away to forget the hideous child forever. Time never stops, but time it moved quickly.

Eventually the wife got pregnant again and this time it was a baby girl. When she was born the couple was relieved to see that it was a most beautiful child. They showed off their girl to their friends and relatives. The couple never told her anything about having a brother. The hideous brother was never mentioned.

When the child was older. They took her on a boat ride on a small stream. They were on a boat, in the middle of the river, girl was so excited to see lots of fishes into the clear transparent water. Father thrown a couple of popcorn in the water and fishes jumped over it, girl laughed.

She took the packet of popcorn and came at the edge of boat, she tried to throw some popcorn but it fell short and landed back on the boat.

Seeing this, the mother helped the girl, she took the girl into her hands and took over the water, so that girl could drop popcorn in the water.

As mother did it, suddenly the girl turned her head and said in a deep voice, “Daddy, please don’t let Mom drop me again!”

Sometime …time does wait.. !!

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