Ruthless Breath Takers

We have heard, read and even seen the killers, just like Kasab, who indiscriminately burst fired his assault rifle on the crowd of innocent people. There are hundred of stories, out of which I picked top 5 most horrible killers in Indian history.

Surender Koli
Classification: Serial Killer

Characteristics: Kidnapping – Rape – Necrophilia – Cannibalism

Number of victims: 19

Date of murders: 2005 – 2006

Date of arrest: December 29, 2006

Date of birth: 1972

Victims Profile: Young children and Women

Method of murder: Strangulation

Location: Noida, India

Status: Sentenced to death February 13, 2009


Serial Killer

Rape – Robberies

Number of victims:

Date of Murders:
2005 – 2009

Date of Arrest:
October 21, 2009

Date of birth:

Victims profile:
Young women aged 22-35-years

Method of murder:
Poisoning (cyanide)

Karnataka, India

Convicted in three cases

Devendra Sharma

Serial Killer

Car Thief

Number of victims:

Date of murders:
2002 – 2004

Date of Arrest:
February 9, 2004

Victims profile:
Men (taxi drivers)

Method of murder:

Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan, India

Sentenced to Life in prison in March 13, 2007.

Sentenced to death on May 16, 2008.

Hanging for Indian healer driven to kill taxi drivers
May 17, 2008.

AN Indian doctor of ayurvedic medicine, a 5000-year-old form of traditional healing, was sentenced to hang yesterday after confessing to police that he had killed between 30 and 40 taxi drivers, sometimes decapitating his victims.

Devender Sharma, who had his own ayurvedic clinic before his arrest and reportedly was an accomplished surgeon, was said by police to have had nothing in particular against taxi drivers.

They said he was no more than a common car thief who “enjoyed the bloodshed” and saw the drivers as soft targets.

“Sindhi Dalwai”

Serial Killer

Homeless man – Victims selected at random for the sheer pleasure of killing -Diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Number of victims:
41 Plus

Date of murders:
1966 – 1968

Date of arrest:

Date of birth:

Victims profile:
Men, women and children

Method of murder: Bludgeoned to death with a hard and blunt object while they slept.

Mumbai, India

Sentenced to death on August 13, 1969.

The High Court reduced his sentence to life imprisonment because he was found to be incurably mentally ill on August 4, 1987.

Died at Pune’s Sassoon Hospital in 1987.



Classification: Serial killer

Characteristics: Told police that he had killed his victims for the pleasure it provided.

Number of victims:

Date of murders: 1977 – 1978

Date of arrest: 1978

Date of birth: 1952

Victims profile: Men and women

Method of murder: Hitting with a hammer.

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Status: Executed by hanging at Jaipur on May 16, 1979.

A native of Jaipur, India, 27-year-old Kampatimar Shankariya was convicted in early 1979 of using a hammer to murder at least seventy victims over the past two years. In his detailed confession, Shankariya told police that he had killed his victims for the pleasure it provided.

Hanged at Jaipur on May 16, 1979, the killer’s last words were a gallows lament. “I have murdered in vain,” he declared.

“Nobody should become like me.”

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  1. Oh !! these are quite disturbing facts.. :-(

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  2. Yes! Disturbing but fact. There were people like KOLI, RAGHAV and Shankariya …who killed fellow human beings for nothing. We must know that these people really do exist, if we want to save ourselves and our loved ones we need to understand that these ppl are Ghosts, Evil we afraid of. Our lives are precious for our loved ones, and we can not let these evils to stab us. My intention was to make my fella aware of these hidden ghosts.
    The first thing we can do is …not to trust anybody, be suspicious, because we don’t know who is human and who is ghost in human body.


  3. indrani says:

    Oh! Gory! Three of them were shown in crime patrol serial i think.


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