Amazing Nature #1

Amazing Nature: is an unique attempt to keep you closer to mother nature.

Every week, a picture of some Fruit, Vegie, Animal, Tree or as common as Potatoes, or something so easy, something we live with, will be posted with the Amazing Nature title.

What you have to do is to IDENTIFY the stuff in photo and write your answer in the comment box, thats all.

When I discussed this with one of my business associates, he offered sponsership, that means, if you answer correctly you will be gifted:

Pictures of gifts are being displayed with its details, its upto you to decide which gift you would like us to send you.

OK, below is the picture of a fruit we use a lot, its taste may be vile when you try a raw fruit. Health wise, this is a gift of God for the people having Diabetes. Its as simple as that. I know you are writing the answer now. You can tell its name in English, Hindi or the language you speak in.
Grows in bunches of wide leafy big trees.


Gifts Sponsered by:

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7 Responses to Amazing Nature #1

  1. Jamun (Jambul or the Indian Blackberry) :D


  2. It’s a great initiative….

    Though I fail to understand what it is..may be blackberry as Namrata already said..


  3. Plz fwd ur active email id.


  4. Namrata, Maniparna plz fwd your active email id at


  5. Its Jamun I suppose.


  6. Congratulations! I am glad to let you know that first-three comment-authors have won surprise gifts.

    1. Namrata has won a Designer Shoulder Bag (MODEL: LEE/2222) made of imported Denim and Genuine Leather.
    2. Maniparna Sengupta Majumdar: You are requested to forward ur email id for further information regarding your gift.
    3. ANSHUL GAUTAM: You won a surprise gift from GS EXPORTS LTD. Plz fwd ur email id at for further details.

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