Sex Offender Registery !!


I would suggest the Delhi Govt to start an online Sex Offender Registery, where details of all Mukeshs with their photographs should be available for the public. Besides Name, Address, School …offenders crime details should be available for the society to stay alert from a particular jerk like 18 years old Mukesh who raped a 15 years old girl recently in Delhi.

I would suggest the Govt. to defame the offender as much as possible, if it is happened the rapist’s guilt and his shame will make him realize how devilish thing he has done. Let the Mukeshs bear the curse through out his life. Just don’t let the people forget his sin.

Well, I have just started a new News Channel, and named it MY Channel. So, MY Channel wants to telecast a message, addressing all the Mukeshs, and wants people of India to have a look at him on a Delhi sex offender registry.

Hi Mukesh, it’s true, once you rape a woman, molest a child, or even have consensual relations with a minor, you’re on that list for life, no exceptions.

And is that wrong? Hell no. MY Channel suggests that Mukesh, a Bengali who made himself enter into the sex offender list by sleeping with a 15 year old when he was 18, maybe doesn’t deserve to be a lifetime registered sex offender for his youthful exploits.

We disagree. Strongly. Hey Mukesh, do you really think it’s acceptable to have sex with a 15 year old girl when you’re 18? Seriously? Well, it’s not, that’s why we have that law. Oh we know, 15 year old girls sure do look nice and yes, they are young and fresh, but dude, you’re an 18 year old adult according to the law, and 3 years difference in age when you’re in high school is awfully significant. You were either a senior or a recent graduate (or dropout), and she was maybe a freshman. That’s sick, and wrong, and you got what you deserved. By the way, how did you get caught?

Let me guess, the underage “girlfriend” figured out you were a total “douche-bag” and told someone, which resulted in local law enforcement rolling in and (gasp!) enforcing the law.

So Mukesh get real. You and all the other 18 year old low-life jerks are half the reason we have the statutory rape laws. You make us sick, and we’re glad you’re on the list. If we have to live next door to guys like you, we’re sure as hell glad we can look you up on the sex offender registry so we can tell our daughters to stay the hell away from you.

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