Is she your daughter ..?

When I read in TIME Magazine that IQ of Indians is lower than the residents of Uganda, Ethopia, Zambia, Urugue …I didn’t believe. How could I?

There are innumerable people who meet me quite frequently ..and make me believe with their wits that they can easily make you nuts with a single delivery of their curosity googlie. Below is my life time achievement I would like to share with Blogger’s Lobby. I am sorry but even bloggers who explore their minds all the time to get an idea, are no more than those you are going to see below.

10. Sitting in a room at 47 degree temperature, my body was draining out, and I was trying my best to cool myself by moving a card board up and down, left and right in order to propel some air over my wet body. When one of my old buddy came in and said, “Kya Yaar! Its too hot. Light nahi hai kya?” I replied in my calm quite voice, “Light hai yaar. Bass fan off kar rakha hai.”

9. In the evening my wife took me to nearest theatre for she wanted me to watch movie “QUEEN” she had already watched nine times. Ok, I bought the tickets, large popcorn and coke and now, we were waiting for the doors to open, suddenly I heard, “Hello Khan Bhai, Queen Dekhne aaye ho kya?” I look blankly at my wife and replied, “QUEEN? Lagi hai kya?” And the guy says, “Yes! Woh dekhiye lagi to hai.” I sigh and reply, “O’ Yes! Queen hi lagi hai.”

8. Whenever I receive a late night call I always hear from other side, “Are you sleeping?” and I always reply, “Yes, I am.” Then, I hear, “Jaag to rahe ho.”

7. Even in foreign when I visit trade fair in Germany, Atlanta, Bercelona I always stuck to someone from India only to answer his question, “O …HO Aap bhi trade fair mein aayen hain kya?”

6. Last week, when I was buying a pack of Cigarette from a shop. I heard, “Excuse me! Ye dukaan band hai kya?” I saw a nice girl pointing her finger toward a shop. The shop’s shutter was down and two giant locks were hanging at its bottom. I bend down, grabbed the lock, pulled it hard. Once, twice, thrice …then i replied, “I think the shop is close.”

5. I can’t count those guys who ask me, “Are you going somewhere?” when they find me driving at slow pace. And I reply, “Yeah, I am going nowhere.”

4. There are also some brilliant guys with ethics who come closer to me when they find me busy on phone, the most important thing they ask, “Sir, are you talking to somebody?”

3. “Kuchh kaam se aayen hain kya?” They ask when they find me in a bank.

2. I rarely attend a wedding ceremony, but if I attend I am always accompanied by my wife. Here, someone comes to me and says a nice hello …then, he looks at my wife and raised a good question, “Is she Bhabi Ji ?” And, I virtually verify, lest I took neighbour’s.

1. But …the most beautiful question I face when I visit somewhere with my family (Shabab, Sharmeeli and Grazie) and stuck to some Pappu kinda curious case who first squeezes Grazie’s cheeks, then asks, “O’ so sweet..!! Is she your daughter?” and I don’t reply, I just look into my wife’s eyes and say, “You tell him baby…!!”

One of India’s greatest Urdu Poet “FIRAQ” had already said, “Harr Shaakh par ullu baithe hain, Anjaam e Gulistan kya hoga…?” I would say “Firaq Sahab, nobody really cares about Gulista’n, we have Ragini MMS to indulge, Big Boss to watch and Mc Donald’s to eat. Ab aur kya chahiye?

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34 Responses to Is she your daughter ..?

  1. Naiyyas says:

    Hahahaha.. loved the post.. too too good!!!


  2. ...shabab says:

    Thanks Naiyya. I am sure everybody endures these brilliant questions and, even reply with patience. BHAGWAN.. !!


  3. Anita says:

    Very true & wonderfully written. Faced a couple of these Qns! :)


  4. Mou Mishra says:

    Very true, great post on terrific Indian IQ, is Indian IQ so low? :D

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  5. ajaysharda59 says:

    good one…


  6. manjulikapramod says:

    He he.. hilarious.. the very obvious and sure shot questions which people never fail to ask..

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  7. ha ha! really good list! great writing as well!

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  8. Hilariously heart-warming post. You have a writing style that manages to take in the best from more than one language and communicates the way we in India generally do. And yes, just saw Grazie’s picture… she is lovely.

    Arvind Passey


  9. ...shabab says:

    Hi Arvind …nice to see you. If you are appreciating the post should certaily be interesting as you have already impressed me with your writing, you got an intellectual depth which shows your vast knowledge. I am now a regular visitor to ur blog. Keep visiting here too, it refuels my writing mechanism.
    *Grazie asked me to say Thanks to you. She is, infact a blessing for me.


  10. Rekha says:

    What a brilliant collection of stupid questions! Faced a few of them. :-)

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  11. Ha ha ha… Extremely good! we all face these things on daily basis.


  12. Just returned from a week-long official tour, was feeling extremely tired this morning and then I bumped into this post of yours … :-D :-D made my afternoon …really…. we often meet with these sort of weird people ! Even when I was in Mumbai two days ago , accidentally met with a friend who resided there and the first question he asked ” aare tu Mumbai mein hain ? ” :-D

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    • ...shabab says:

      Welcome back Maniparna. I am obliged I am obliged. These days the most difficult task is to make somebody smile. If this post did it then “mai zaroor Jannat mein jaunga.” ;-D
      And you should have bounced back by asking your Mumbai’s friend, “Arre teri to… Tu bhi Mumbai mein hai kya?”
      thanks for ur comment.


  13. anuja bhatt says:

    nice collection of irritating questions.. :-) Really refreshing post, even I faced couple of questions from your collection.:-D


  14. ...shabab says:

    Yes, we face them. And the funnier part is, that we sincerely reply them.
    Thanks for your comment, keep visiting.


  15. Arti says:

    Awesome post. Too funny and so true. I identify with each situation so well :D


  16. indrani says:

    :D Good one.
    Well replied.


  17. hahahaha…enjoyed it :)


  18. ...shabab says:

    Thanx for ur comments. KEEP VISITING.


  19. Sunny says:

    Hilarious, embarrassing but a good post.
    “Ye dukaan band hai kya” this ulle has asked few times.. :)


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